Marshall Watson

Marshall Watson – Field Punctuation

Familiar – Nils Frahm
For Fiona – Sergio De Vega
(Excerpt from Death of Alan Ginsberg
Almost Fell – Nicolas Jaar
(Field Recording Collage, Thunderstorm)
Deja La Nuit – Anouar Brahem
Light on Sea – Andrew Thomas
Oto – Christian Fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto
The Violet Sequence – Hatchback
Cold Days – Marcus Fischer
(Field Recording, Morning Hummingbirds, Marin County)
The Park in the Morning – Marshall Watson
(Field Recording, Marin Headlands Battery Tunnel)
Blown Glass Typwriter – Mountains
(Field Recording, Chrissy Field Beach, San Francisco)
(Field Recording, Guitar Guy, Washington Sq, San Francisco)
(Drum Machine Jam)
Fathoms – Nunc Stans
(Field Recording, Thunder, Rain, out the window on Polk St, San Francisco)
(Field Recording, Heavy Construction, Polk St, San Francisco)
Try to Touch – Pablo Bolivar
(Field Recording, Suburban Yard, Marin County)
(Field Recording, Beating on Cans, San Francisco)
(Field Recording, Random People)
(Field Recording, Random People)
The Names of Those Never Here – Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd
(Field Recording, Sports Rambling Guy)
(Excerpt from Death of Alan Ginsburg)
Collapsed Chimes – Wil Bolton
(Field Recording, Thunderstorm, on the porch, Magee Mississippi)
Velimir’s Sea (Sense Remix) – Ilya Wazuhiru
(Field Recording, Cafe Leopold’s, San Francisco)
Dream Recording, Alan Ginsburg
(Field Recording, Thunderstorm, MS)
Genom Lagar Av Solsken – Hans Appelqvist
Skindiving – James

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  1. Blazej Tomaszkiewicz says:

    so beautiful

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