The Chillage Idiots

The Chillage Idiots – Pete Namlook/Fax Tribute

01 – Silence (Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo): “Omid/Hope”
02 – Dreamfish (Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris): “School Of Fish”
03 – Namlook III (Pete Namlook): “Intruder 9”
04 – Koolfang (Pete Namlook and Move D): “Counter”
05 – Electronic Music Center: “Vocal Atoms (AC Study)”
06 – S.H.A.D.O (Higher Intelligence Agency and Pete Namlook): “Intruder Detector”
07 – Jet Chamber (Atom Heart and Pete Namlook): “Zappel Jazz”
08 – The Dark Side Of The Moog (Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze): “Careful With The AKS, Peter – Part VII”
09 – The Fires Of Ork (Pete Namlook and Geir Jenssen): “In Heaven”
10 – Virtual Vices (Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra): “Oscillation 3”
11 – Psychonavigation (Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell): “Life Eternal”
12 – pp.nmlk (Pete Namlook and Jochem Paap): “cbrg n srfc”
13 – Pete Namlook and New Composers: “Russian Spring – Part IX”
14 – Air (Pete Namlook) featuring Tying Tiffany and G.Cerri: “State Of Mind”
15 – 2350 Broadway (Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue): “Sustained Energy”
16 – Namlook XXI (Pete Namlook): “Living The Dream”
17 – Namlook.Le Mar (Pete Namlook and Gabriel Le Mar): “In Time”
18 – Namlook XXV (Pete Namlook): “Permutation – Part V”
19 – Namlook.Montana (Pete Namlook and Lorenzo Montana): “Labyrinth XVI”
20 – Namlook XXVII (Pete Namlook): “Feierabend”
21 – Move D.Namlook XXVI (Pete Namlook and Move D): “Do You Have Any Messages?”

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