Michael McGarrity

Michael McGarrity – Home

01. epic45 – The Stars in Spring
02. Toy Library & Autumn Empire – First Morning in December
03. July Skies – Waiting to Land (epic45 Reworking)
04. Rudy Adrian – Under Orion
05. Thomas Newman – Cigar Box
06. Ennio Morricone – Invenzione Per John (Version 2)
07. epic45 – With our backs to the city
08. Manual – Tourmaline
09. Patrick O’Hearn – A Lovely Place To Be
10. Thom Brennan – Radiant Ice
11. Thomas Newman – Accident
12. Dario Marianelli – Remember Us
13. Parsley Sound – Yoyo

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One Response to Michael McGarrity

  1. Many thanks for featuring my mix here. This (along with Excursion) is by far my best work. I plan to re-mix all current mixes and upload them to a Podcast some time this year. Also slowly curating new Excursions for later in the year. Thanks again 🙂

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