Scanner – Secret Thirteen Mix 037

Mountains: Add Infinity
The Velvet Underground: Afterthoughts
Felicia Atkinson with Sylvain Chauveau: Aberdeen
Tim Hecker: Acephale
Roly Porter: Atar
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm: Stare
Rockwell: Aria
Scanner: Ascension
Cujo: Adventures in Foam Intro
Clark: Absence
Snowman: A
Alva Noto: Argonaut
Valgeir Sigurðsson: Architecture of Loss
Peter Swanson: A&Ox0
Hauschka: Assemblers Mix (with Nobukazu Takemura)
Chris & Cosey & John Duncan: A1 Untitled
Loris Gréaud: Aria
Duet Emmo: A.N.C
Zoviet France: Ascend a Fall
Aphex Twin: Avril 14th
Scanner: Adagio
Cliff Martinez: About Those Thousand Razors
Virgin Prunes: Abbagal
Ben Frost: Age 13…With a Screwdriver
Einsturzende Neubauten: Atmosphaeren Berlin (West) April 1980
Jan Bang: Abdication and Coronation
Concept: A1 15.00
Pan Sonic: Äänipää
Scanner: Anna Livia Plurabelle

Also featuring Peter Gabriel, Freddie Mercury, Richard Long, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Downey Junior, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Don Draper, Adrienne Shelley, Lew Temple and others unknown.

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