Mike G

Mike G – Future Noir volume 1 – Dark City

Making Of Cyborg (chant 1) By Kenji Kawai
At Mr Chew’s (edit) By Vangelis
Blade Runner theme (film version) (edit) By Vangelis
Monk with Bell (edit) By Michael Stearns
Blade Runner theme (edit) By Vangelis
Wasteland Nostalgia By Yoshihiro Ike
Marrakech By Hybrid
Gratiot By Detroit Escalator Co.
Blade runner blues (edit) By Vangelis
My Kingdom By Future Sound Of London
Rachael’s Song (edit) By Vangelis
Mandala/Toronto By Detroit Escalator Co.
Disidenification By Galaxy
Tears In Rain By Vangelis
The Mirror Formula (edit) By Xerxes
Floating Museum By Kenji Kawai
Gathering Light (edit) By Detroit Escalator Co.
Distortion Of Outside The Door (edit) By Tsuneo Imahori
Tales of the Future By Vangelis & Demis Roussos
Repetition is a Form of Change By Future Sound Of London
Blue Darkness/A Sleepless Town By Keishi Urata

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