Chris Coco

Chris Coco – Melodica Chillout Special

01. Intermittent Light Rain by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
02. You Parked Your Car In The Spaceport by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
03. Uncle Albert Would Never Believe What You Can Do With This Computer by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
04. Starlight by Model 500
05 .Rain And Walking And A Strange Moment Of Calm by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
06. The Seduction of Claude Debussy by Art of Noise
07. Liverpool St by Plaid
08. Chroamakey Dreamcoat by Boards Of Canada
09. It’s A Long Wait For The Trivandrum Intercity Express by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
10. Miles Away And Coming Closer by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
11. We Landed by Quirke
12. Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number One by A Winged Victory For The Sullen
13. A Cave In England by Laraaji
14. Ostbahnhof by Maxim Wolynz
15. Hey There Look At You by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb
16. Alone Again With The Sun Coming Up by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb

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