Sounds From The Ground

Sounds From The Ground – Nick’s S.F.T.G. 4th July Podcast

01 Aybee – Dawn (Worlds on Deepblak)
02 Bluredism – If Thats It (Beautiful Ugly Collection on Teng)
03 John Beltran – Medellin (Amazing Things on Delsin)
04 Chris Coco – Heavy Mellow (Jon Hopkins Remix) (My Summer Mixtape 2014 on Melodica)
05 Pitch Black – Please Leave Quietly ft Tracy Z (Rude Mechanicals on Dubmision)
06 Sounds From The Ground – Cradle (Alchemy on Upstream)
07 Vlastur – Interaxion Dub (Interaxion on Dub-EQnation)
08 Sounds From The Ground – Doves (Alchemy on Upstream)
09 Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest (Eglo Records Vol1 on Eglo)
10 Kjofol – Lune (Lune on Apparel)
11 Sounds From The Ground – Medina (unreleased)

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