Surgeon – Ambient set from Freerotation 2013

Steve Hillage – Garden Of Paradise
Panabrite – Index of Gestures
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – Adrift
Terry Riley – Anthem of the Trinity
Location recording – Maui night crickets 21st January 2013
Alice Coltrane – Galaxy Around Oldumare
Mist – Mist House
Oneohtrix Point Never – Format & Journey North
Vangelis – Albedo 0.39
Coil – Are You Shivering?
Emeralds – Genetic
Laurie Anderson – Walking & Falling
Coil – Baby Food
The Irresistible Force – Flying High
Angelo Badalamenti – Into The Night
Coil – Amethyst Deceivers
Outer Space – Memory Bomb
Panabrite – Golden Drape
Location recording – Maui night rain 15th January 2013
Bee Mask – Vaporware
Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today
Lloyd Miller – Rain Dance

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