Roel Funcken

Roel Funcken – Superfluid Flow

01-Deep-hz-Inanitas-Wandering Compilation
03-Abandoned (too soon)-Rafael Anton Irisarri-Fugues
04-Water-Jon Hopkins-Monsters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
05-Conazol Ketamind-Legiac-Row Gladiation
06-Be Still-Ex Confusion-Embrace
07-Cay-Tobias Hellkvist-Cay
08-Plateav-The Orb-Orbvs Terrarvm
09-10 May Ambience-Bruised Skies-Soundcloud
10-In The Air I-Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972
11-Follow Still-Deaf Center-Recount, mini-album
12-Cypress Reverb-Erik K Skodvin-Flame
13-The Dying Roar-Nest-Body Pilot
14-Structures Based On The Plasticity Of Sphere Surface Tension-Illuha-Akari
15-Jane Campion-Percival Pembroke-A Course In The Theory Of Drones
16-Drifting, Almost Covered (Featuring David Andree)-Richard Ginns-Fall, Rise
17-Red-Ocoeur-A Parallel Life
19-Vega Libre: the citadel-Secede-Vega Libre
20-Summer Dusk-Dev-Soundcloud
21-Vellular Cito-Legiac-Row Gladiation
22-In The Fog I-Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972
23-Mesmer (Kettel & Secede rmx)-Roel Funcken -Mercury Retrograde RMXs2
24-Evoke Ewok-Úlfur-White Mountain
25-The Certainty Of Tides-ASC-Truth Be Told
27-Questionable Things-Julien Neto-Le Fumeur de Ciel
28-Under Heavy Snow-Stray Ghost-So Much To Remember, So Much To Forget
29-Cerberus-Clorinde-The Gardens of Bomarzo (Disc II)
30-Growing Waterwings-Oliveray-Erased Tapes Collection IV
32-The Widening Mire-ASC-Truth Be Told
33-Jefre Tramix-Legiac-Row Gladiation
34-The Blackest Sky-Black Elk-Sparks
35-Pink And Golden Billows-Brambles-Charcoal
36-Nueblo Pueblo-Greg Haines-Digressions
37-White Mountain-Úlfur-White Mountain
38-Dronie More-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012
39-I Know You Are A White Bird-Stray Ghost-So Much To Remember, So Much To Forget
41-Glow (Clark Remix)-Kuedo-Feast / Beast [Disc 1]
42-Hold You Through w_Luke Howard-Bruised Skies-Soundcoud
43-3159khz Transmission-Sorrow-Soundcoud
44-Valse Fatale-Field Rotation-Fatalist: The Repetition of History
45-The Glasshouse With Butterfly-Tomáš Dvořák-Machinarium Soundtrack
46-Leather Mitt-Stanislav Vdovin-Wake Me Up When It’s Gone
47-Drowning, Whistling-Erik K Skodvin-Flame
48-Longshore Drift-Imprints-Data Trails
50-Behind This Line-Zvuku-Remnant
51-Still life (bach off)-René Margraff-Phasen
52-Soften by Rainfall-Mind Over Midi-Polyphony [SSE01]
53-Location 2-Si Begg-Extreme Environments
54-Emplixian Ambient-Funckarma-Touched2
56-Let the Silence Float-Deru-1979
57-Sitting In A Roofless Room-From The Mouth of The Sun-Woven Tide
58-Elaborate Sun-FSOl-Lifeforms
59-Sleepless [Grischa Lichtenberger Remix]-Biathalon-Sleepless
60-Brichard-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012
61-Tre Passi-Zenjungle-Sequence8
62-807-GLobal Communication-Dedicated
63-Three-Unrecognizable Now-Two Rooms
64-Analog Paralysis, 1978-Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972
66-Prelude / Last Day of Sun-Brian Reitzel-30 Days Of Night – Motion Picture Soundtrack
67-Seveen-Otto A Totland-Pinô
68-Warm Now-Richard Ginns-Fall, Rise
69-Jasper-Maps and Diagrams-Alluvium
70-The Rivers Stood Still-Siavash Amini-Sequence8
71-Pink And Golden Billows ( Strië Remix)-Brambles-Charcoal
72-Zorya Polunochnaya-Floex-Zorya
73-Nonshot Video-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012
74-Chroned Thexin-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2
75-Oblivion-Deaf Center-Recount, mini-album
76-Quay-Millie & Andrea-Drop The Vowels
77-Echidna and Harpy-Clorinde-The Gardens of Bomarzo (Disc II)
78-Beyond Infinite-Ocoeur-A Parralel Life
79-Blade Runner Blues-Vangelis-Blade Runner Soundtrack
80-The Infinity Pool-ASC-Time Heals All
81-Im Lichte des Anderen -Bersarin Quartett-II

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