Tonepoet – Coexisting In A Concrete Jungle

‘Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) (Extract) – Tangerine Dream from Le Parc (Start Time: 00:19)
‘Blood And Water’ by Jon Jenkins from Flow (Start Time: 00:55)
‘The Saddest Love Letter Of The Day’ by Bing Satellites & Daniel Land from King Midas In Reverse (Start Time: 02:44)
‘Tides’ by Good Weather For An Airstrike from A Home For You (Start Time: 06:52)
‘The Wind’ by Siavash Amini from What Wind Whispered To The Trees (Start Time: 12:35)
‘Music To Sleep Under Snow’ by Lucy Claire from Futuresequence 7 (Start Time: 00:00)
‘Bound In Sea’ by Heinali from Futuresequence 4 (Start Time: 19:46)
‘You Lead Me Home From The Depths Of The Wild’ by The Eager Seas from T H E W I L D E R N E S S Y E A R (Start Time: 25:32)
‘A Modern Hymn For NYC’ by Clem Leek from …and darkness came (Start Time: 26:56)
‘Articulate Silences Part 1’ by Stars Of The Lid from And Their Refinement Of The Decline (Start Time: 29:31)
‘It’s A Beautiful Thing, The Destruction Of Words (Excerpt)’ by Semblence from Quotes EP (Start Time: 33:57)
‘Swamp’ by Coppice Halifax from Inland By Night (Start Time: 34:45)
‘Beneath The City Trees’ by Rhian Sheehan from Seven Tales Of The North Wind (Start Time: 39:58)
‘Daydream Sounds’ by Articology from Music For Daydreamers (Start Time: 42:22)
‘Living Through The End Of Time (Alafoss)’ by Sigur Ros from () (Start Time: 45:20)
‘Droplets’ by Bubble from O (Start Time: 54:01)
‘Titan’ by Broken Harbour from Gramaphone Transmissions (Start Time: 55:05)
‘Cloudscape Timelapse 04.06.15 (The Zone)’ by An Imaginal Space from Cloudscape Timelapses – Volume 2 (Start Time: 58:40)
‘It’s Not Where You Go’ by Kevin Kerwijmeren from Futuresequence 8 (Start Time: 60:40)
‘Gates Of Heaven’ by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 64:35)

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One Response to Tonepoet

  1. Thanks for the love, my friends. Peace.

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