Tonepoet – Echoes of a Silent Ocean

‘Bound In Sea’ by Lucy Claire from Futuresequence 7 (Start Time: 00:00)
‘Surf Drone’ by fydhws from Futuresequence 7 (Start Time: 02:07)
‘All The Ships’ by umber from Sunshine Young (Start Time: 06:26)
‘Along The Shattered Water’ by Har & Altus from Shadow District (Start Time: 11:28)
‘Oceanize (Deeper)’ by Numina from Evolving Visions (Start Time: 18:58)
‘The More You Drink From The Well…The Higher The Waters Will Rise’ by Hammock from …And Darkness Came (Start Time: 24:39)
‘Bon Voyage’ by Vangelis from Oceanic (Start Time: 30:14)
‘Echoes Of The Lost Sea’ by Mike Van Portfleet from Beyond The Horizon Line (Start Time: 31:56)
‘Growing Waterwings’ by Oliveray from Erased Tapes Collection IV (Start Time: 34:48)
‘Daniell In The Sea’ by Jonsi & Alex from Riceboy Sleeps (Start Time: 38:43)
‘Broken Harbors Part 1’ by Stars Of The Lid from The Tired Sounds Of (Start Time: 44:01)
‘Drift’ by Hollan Holmes from A Distant Light (Start Time: 47:22)
‘Swallowed By The Ocean’ by The Picturesque Episodes from Hidden Vibes Volume 6 (Start Time: 54:14)

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