Tonepoet – Once We Reach The Other Side

“Sleeping Giant” by Jonsi & Alex from Riceboy Sleeps (Start Time: 00:00)
“Dream” by The Monk By The Sea from Soundscapes (Start Time: 05:07)
“All Moving Over The Earth (Augen Edit)” by Aqob from All Things Converge (Start Time: 08:01)
“Slipped Time” by Bruno Sanfillipo from Subliminal Pulse (Start Time: 10:18)
“My Momma Pinned A Rose On Me” by Esmerine from Lost Voices (Start Time: 14:40)
“The Empty Sky (Excerpt)” by Anugma from The Lightness Of Being (Start Time: 21:10)
“Drawing Curtains (Excerpt)” by umber from Mornings Pass EP (Start Time: 23:59)
“Atomos VII (Excerpt)” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from Erased Tapes VII (Start Time: 25:31)
“On The Way (Space Cavaran) (Excerpt)” by Michael Stearns from Encounter (Start Time: 27:48)
“Strange Wind” by Bing & Ruth from Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (Start Time: 28:36)
“Waking Up” by Purl from A Quiet Awakening (Start Time: 34:10)
“Only In The Dark” by Ben Lukas Boysen from Gravity Soundtrack (Start Time: 37:10)
“Vaportrails Crossing In A Deep Blue Sky (Dust In Essence) (Excerpt)” by Microvolt from Falling (Start Time: 40:10)
“Mig dreymdi um fjöll og sjó” by A Model Kit from þögn (Start Time: 41:55)
“Kinookimaw” by Ben Woods from Halcyon EP (Start Time: 44:42)
“Eternity” by Emily Hall from Bigo & Twigetti Winter 2014 Sampler (Start Time: 47:31)
“Sileo” by Rhian Sheehan from Stories From Elsewhere (Start Time: 49:42)
“Equal To Moments Of Completion” by Celer from Sky Limits(Start Time: 52:01)
“In The Androgynous Dark” by Brambles from Charcoal (Start Time: 54:46)

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