Samsara – Remembering

01. Offthesky – Snow Filled Summer (Hibernate Recordings)
02. Stray Theories – The Day We Were Silent (Already Dead Tapes & Records)
03. Field Rotation – The Repetitation Of History (Denovali Records)
04. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts (Room40)
05. Pleq & Giulio Aldinucci – The Prelude To (Home Normal Records)
06. The Frozen Vaults – Stilled (Excerpt) (Audio Gourmet Records)
07. Ghost and Tape – Return (Futuresequence Records)
08. Antendex – The Lighthouse (Self Released)
09. Field Rotation – Valse Fatale (Denovali Records)
10. Marsen Jules Trio ft. Roger Döring – Historie De La Nuit (Oktaf Records)
11. Jacaszek – III (Pleq Remix) (Dronarivm Records)
12. Antonymes – Misshapen Beauty [ii] (Hibernate Recordings)
13. Christoph Berg – Interlude (Aus Remix) (Fluid Audio)

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