ASIP – Music For Sleeping (Cycle 2)

Stage 1.1 Biosphere – ’t Schop (The Hilvarenbeek Recordings)
Stage 1.2 Robert Rich – Summer Thunder (Echo Of Small Things)
Stage 1.3 The KLF – Six Hours to Louisiana, Black (Chill Out)
Stage 2.1 William Basinski – The Disintegration Loops 3 (The Disintegration Loops)
Stage 2.2 Helios – Vargtimme (Eingya)
Stage 2.3 Brian McBride – Girl Nap (The Effective Disconnect)
Stage 2.4 Jon Hopkins – Campfire (Monsters OST)
Stage 2.5 Hammock – Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow)
Stage 2.6 Altus – Sodium Glow (Black Trees Among Amber Skies)
Stage 3.1 Markus Guentner – Dockside (Talking Clouds EP)
Stage 3.2 bvdub – I Would Have Waited (Songs For A Friend I Left Behind)
Stage 3.3 Loscil – Fern & Robin (Endless Falls)
Stage 4.1 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Persistence (Unsaid EP)
Stage 4.2 Thomas Koner – Nuuk Air (Nuuk)
Stage 4.3 Stars Of The Lid – The Artificial Pine Arch Song (The Ballasted Orchestra)
Stage 5.1 Solar Fields – Silent Walking (Origin #1)
Stage 5.2 Stellardrone – Nightscape (Echoes)
Stage 5.3 Aphex Twin – Blue Calx (SAW II)

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