Samsara – Ultimae Xmas 2016

01. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Inertia (Ultimae Records)
02. ASC – Further Into The Void (Silent Season)
03. AES Dana – Beneath (Ultimae Records)
04. Dawn Before Silence – I Can’t Find You (Abandoned Audio)
05. AES Dana feat. Miktek – Small Things Matter (Ultimae Records)
06. Scann-Tec – Ne Viden (Ultimae Records)
07. Cell – Vapor (Ultimae Records)
08. AES Dana feat. Miktek – Paranthesis (Ultimae Records)
09. Scann-Tec – Quantum Evo (Ultimae Records)
10. Circular – Feller Buncher (Ultimae Records)
11. Martin Nonstatic – Granite (AES Static Remix) (Ultimae Records)

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