Roel Funcken

Roel Funcken – Cobalt Isotope pt1

01-Bathed in Her-Tilman Robinson-Deer Heart
02-Confound II-Daniel W J Mackenzie-Every Time Feels Like the Last Time
03-Okay Aloft-offthesky-Illuminations
05-Overhang-Jonathan Kawchuk-North
06-Sycamore-Robert Farrugia-Archives | Soundscapes Vol. 1
08-Glisten-R Beny-Full Blossom of the Evening
09-Aerial Bea-Powlos-Archives | Soundscapes Vol. 1
10-Mueve-Ghost and Tape-Shift
11-Magnetar-Markus Guentner-Theia
12-The Twelve-Nest-Retold (2014 Special Edition)
13-Des Vieux Temples-Pendant-Bblisss
14-Blossom-Richard Ginns-Until The Morning Comes
15-Multiple Shades-Jacob Newman-Quanta Flora
16-About Liz-Florian von Ameln-Rvvr
17-Intransigence-Hakobune-In Arboreal Whispering
18-Fernfeld-Max Würden-Pop Ambient 2017
19-A Quiet Storm-Cyril Secq-Illuminations
20-The setback-Lambert-Excess
21-Turpentine-Tomotsugu Nakamura-An Opened Book In The Dar
22-Time As A Reward (Wil Bolton Remix)-Warmth-Essay Revisited
23-Bashy-Moon Ate The Dark-Moon Ate the Dark II
24-Until The End Of Time-Ital Tek-Beyond Sight

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