Chris SSG

Chris SSG – XLR8R Podcast 479

Terre Thaemlitz “A City On Springs” [Instinct Records]
TUC “Dights Falls” (w. Albrecht La’Brooy) [Analogue Attic Recordings]
Vladislav Delay “Lumi” [Huume]
Forest Swords “Hjurt” (Pariah Refix) [No Pain In Pop]
Ulf Lohmann “Because Before 5” [Kompakt]
Sowing Paranoia “Ambient VI” [Silent Season]
Henrik B “Elektronik Kry” [Truesoul]
Sandwell District “Feed-Forward 7 A” [Sandwell District]
Jens-Uwe Beyer “Final 10” [Kompakt]
Isorinne “Single Focus” [Northern Electronics]
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Tystnaden & Ensamheten” [Northern Electronics]
Pedro Vian “Paradise” [Modern Obscure Music]
Belarisk “74chy)n & )n” [Moss Archive]
Ø “Nakinkenka (shell)” [Sahko]
Autechre “VLetrmx” [Warp]
Not Waving “Dangerously Well” [Not Waving]
Gunnar Haslam “Brahmaputra”  [L.I.E.S.]
Varg “En tulpan blå som blod” [Posh Isolation]
Ital & Halal “Where Exactly I Am” [Lovers Rock]
Imre Kiss “Sweet Cherry Soul” [Farbwechsel]
Nest “Amroth” (Brambles Version) [Serein]
Ross 154 “Moon FM Desire” [Delsin]
Donnacha Costello “Rebuild” [Music 4 Your Legs]

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