Andrew Dobson & Echaskech

Andrew Dobson & Echaskech – The Ambient Zone Episode 4

Hour One

01. RinneRadio – Yasmin (The Ambient Zone)
02. Grouper – Alien Observer (Yellowelectric)
03. Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Weightless Memories (Pedigree Cuts)
04. Ed Carlsen – Hundrede Traeer (Moderna Records)
05. Bola – Magnasushi (Skam Records)
06. The Irresistible Force – Call it Music (Liquid Sound Design)
07. The Irresistible Force – Blue My Mind (Liquid Sound Design)
08. Hannah Peel – Andromeda M31 (Hannah Peel)
09. Angus McRae – Lucidity (South Island)
10. The Swan & The Lake – Fresh Food (Music For Dreams)
11. Nicolas Jaar – Leaves (Other People)

Hour Two – Guest Mix: Echaskech

Aes Dana (featuring Miktek) : Small Things Matter (Ultimae)
Martin Nonstatic : Open Minded (Ultimae)
(ghost) : Wastelands (n5MD)
Ametsub : Mbr – Ajisai (nothings66)
Aleksi Perälä : NLL561606935 (Clone Basement Series)
Jason van Wyk : Eyes Shut (Home Normal)
Echaskech : Caeleste (Just Music)
Echaskech : Panopticon Blue (The Ambient Zone)
ASC : Surrounded by Silence (Silent Season)
Elve : Mycelium Dawn (Virtual)
M Geddes Gengras : Impressions I (Moog Music)
Elve : Eden (Virtual)

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