Marshall Watson


Marshall Watson – 2018 Best Vinyl Ambient

No Sense of Distance: Filmco: In the Senses
Donchian Reprise: Mark Barrott: Nature Sounds of the Balearics
Breakfast in Yutenji: Max Essa: Lanterns
Sweet Rain: Seahawks: Eternal Beams
Onarimon: Hatchback: Year of the Dragon
Head Over Heals: Tears for Fears (Sketches From an Island Sunrise Meditation Mix)
Parklife: Francis Harris: Trivial Occupations
Aurora Baleare: Hear & Now: Claremont 56
Swivel: Steven Legget: Bathhouse
Klangfangt An: Om Buschman: Tropical Drum’s of the Deutschland

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Tonepoet – Sleepers Awake

“Noise Of The Earth” by Unknown from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
“Echoing Backwards In Time” by Colliding Galaxies from First Contact (Start Time: 00:25)
“Where Am I” by Steve Gibbs & Cyrus Reynolds from In Passing EP (Start Time: 14:20)
“Pulling Up The Sheets” by The Greatest Hoax from Expiration Compositions (Start Time: 07:00)
“Introspection (Excerpt)” by Laraaji from Bring On The Sun (Start Time: 10:47)
“Arrivée” by Olivier Alary  from Fiction/Non-Fiction (Start Time: 15:03)
“Oblivion Gravity (Excerpt)” by Asura  from Radio Universe (Start Time: 15:54)
“Together Standing” by Ben Woods  from We Are Silhouettes Now (Start Time: 21:43)
“Low Cloud Formations (Excerpt)” by Cousin Silas from Amidst Silence (Start Time: 25:20)
•“I Don’t Belong Here” by Stellardrone from Hidden Vibes Vol. 2 (Start Time: 27:46)
•“With” by Hearth from Home (Start Time: 31:13)
•“G1” by Zeos from F a i r y t a l e Pt. 3 (Start Time: 32:13)
•“Harmonica Drone” by Laraaji from Bring On The Sun (Start Time: 33:25)
“Invisible Architecture” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 35:18)
“To Never Return Home” by Strië from Perpetual Journey (Start Time: 37:44)
“Childhood Reminiscence” by City Of Dawn from Under Our Quiet Stars (Start Time: 41:37)
“Loneliness Of Earth” by Matti Bye from This Forgotten Land (Start Time: 48:42)
“A Subtle Lapse In Time” by bedroom from 1217 EP (Start Time: 51:32)
“Remember” by Ben Woods from Passing Intervals (Start Time: 55:03)
“Stardust” by Colliding Galaxies from First Contact (Start Time: 56:33)

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Rich Ears


Rich Ears – Le Voyage (for X-ray @Concertzender)

Global Communication – 14 31 (Ob-selon Mi-Nos)
ASIP – Goodbye Shibuya
Sven vÄth – Harlequin’s Meditation
Midori Takado – Mr Henri Rousseau’s Dream
The Orb – Assassin (Chocolate Hills of Bohol mix)
BV Dub – 1000 Words
DF Tram – Lovers Radio (Bravo Foxhole Orb Remix)
Alva Noto & Ryuchi Sakamoto – Trioon 1
Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Live at Rewire 2016 (snippets)
David Sylvian – The Healing Place
The Orb – Flying Carpets
F.U.S.E – Nitedrive
Ylowknfe – Y
Scanner – Primrose

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Suzanne Ciana


Suzanne Ciani – Synth Hero Mix

1. Donato Dozzy and Anna Caragnano “Fraledune”
2. Jonathan Fitoussi “Immersion”
3. Alessandro Cortini “Gira”
4. Chris Ianuzzi “Will”
5. Floating Points “Argente”
6. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “Marble”
7. Demdike Stare “We Have Already Died”
8. Kitaro “Shadow of the Moon”
9. Neuronium “Ethereal Journey (excerpt of live recording)”
10. Suzanne Ciani and Vangelis “Lay Down Beside Me”

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Ben Lukas Boysen


Ben Lukas Boysen – XLR8R Podcast 490

01. Nocturne 3 (XLR8R Live Version)
02. Sleepers Beat Theme (XLR8R Live Version)
03. Golden Times (XLR8R Live Version)
04. Nocturne 1 (XLR8R Live Version)
05. Gravity (XLR8R Live Version)
06. Nocturne 4 (XLR8R Live Version)

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Richard Norris


Richard Norris – Group Mind Mix 002

Featuring music by Yanenko, Taylor Deupree, Kams, Lavernian Garden, Harold Budd, Seahawks and Laraaji, Abul Mogard, The Long Now, Snowfall, Chihei Hatakeyama, Anne Annie, Jogging House, and others

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Monk on Acid


Monk on Acid – Trip to Pluto 194

01. Aes Dana ft. Miktek – Small Things Matter
02. 36 – Susurrus
03. Chonotope Project – Solaris
04. David Wright – A Solitary Moment
05. David Arkenstone- The Fog
06. Chonotope Project – The Water of Life
07. Cosmic Replicant – The Fire From Within
08. Astronaut Ape – Thirty Fourth Ritual
09. Synthetic Sunrise – Beautiful Moments
10. E-Mantra – Fiat Lux
11. ForestWölfin – Calm
12. Psyfactor – Early Morning
13. Astropilot – Shots of Awe
14. Mystic Crook – Yellow Carpet Flight
15. Der Waldläufer – The Calling
16. Bvdub – The Joy Of Loneliness

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