DJ High


DJ High – Sin Eater

01. M1 by The Black Dog
02. Newton by A Quality Without A Name
03. Passport Control by Black Dog
04. undra by SGNL FLTR
05. Hzs by SGNL FLTR
06. Terminal EMA by The Black Dog
07. Lounge by Black Dog
08. Yozakura by Hataken
09. Disinformation Desk by The Black Dog
10. things with wings by SYNC24
11. Waterfly by Aqob
12. Escape by Andrea
13. Mr Brooks I Presume by Jon Brooks
14. Illuminated Atoms by Hexagon
15. He Knows by Black Dog
16. All Moving Over The Earth (Augen Edit) by Aqob

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Saymon Skorogonov


Saymon Skorogonov – My Space

001 starry heavens
002 10 pm
003 light star
004 deep space
005 satellite
006 oxygen
007 stratosphere
008 aquatica
009 fluorescence

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We Are All Astronauts


We Are All Astronauts – Blue Dot Two

00:00 Carbon Based Lifeforms – VLA
02:20 Above & Beyond – Tri-State
06:20 Jon Hopkins – Immunity (Asleep Version)
10:25 Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Remnants
12:30 Brambles – Half-Gramme Holiday
17:10 Pete Namlook – Pearl XIV
19:25 Jon Hopkins – The Wider Sun
22:40 Ex Machina – Skin
25:40 Scuba – Adrenalin
27:50 This Will Destroy You – They Move On Tracks Of Light
30:40 We Are All Astronauts – Suspended In A Sunbeam (Edit)
34:00 Jonsi & Alex – Indian Summer
35:15 Bing & Ruth – TWTGA
37:30 We Are All Astronauts – Sleepless
43:50 Helios – Bless This Morning Year
47:10 Benn Jordan – Hypoxia
49:10 Thomas Newman – American Beauty Theme
51:20 M83 – Teen Angst (Luciano Remix)
54:20 Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds – a2
57:00 Helios – Glimpse
58:40 Vagabond – The Future Is Cold
61:50 Katahimikan – Frames
65:00 Tambour – The Nude And The Quiet
66:50 Chasing Dreams feat. Stray Theories – Infinite
73:40 Bon Iver – Wolves
77:45 Punch Brothers – Familiarity
78:45 Rhian Sheehan – Borrowing The Past
80:45 Daniel Donahoo – Information
82:00 We Are All Astronauts – Doves

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Mixmaster Morris


Mixmaster Morris – Extreme Chill Sunday pt2

01. unknown by Conrad Schnitzler
02. Oceans Within by Maureen Ji
03. unknown by Ishq
04. Chill Out by KLF
05. Spirit Platypus Guide by Disonaur
06. unknown
07. unknown
08. Take Me by Sisyphus
09. W&J Theme by Enrico Coniglio
10. Memories of Love by Synkro
11. Reach for the Dead by Boards of Canada
12. Preben Goes to Acapulco by Todd Terje
13. We are on the fucking moon by The Onion
14. Manofon by David Sylvian
15. unknown
16. unknown
17. Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada
18. In Church by M83

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TC – Spring

01. Of An Uncertain Mythos (Broken Stars … ) by Numina/Zero Ohms
02. All Green Seasons (Mountain High) by Vibrasphere
03. Magic Air (Evolve) by Setsuna
04. Path XVII (Labyrinth 3) by Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montanã
05. Secrets Of The Treasure House of Stars (Broken Stars…) by Numina/Zero Ohms
06. Nanites (Comfortable Void) by SYNC24
07. Tide of the Opposition Moon (Life Flows Water) by Howard Givens/Craig Padilla
08. Spring (The 4 Seasons) by Pete Namlook
09. Celestial Glossolalia (Third Voyage) by Thought Guild

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Terminal Radio


Terminal Radio – Season 2 Episode 2

TR Intro By Terminal
Phil 3 to 5 to 3 By Black Dog
Ancient World By Jeremy Seoul
Drums By Grateful Dead


Orange Sunshine By Superstars Of Rock
Avril 14th By Aphex Twin
Comments on SITE By SITE
Ambient Echo By Castlebed
Unknown By Jello Biafra
Night Walk By Air Scape
Metropolitian By Funki Porcini
Continuum II By Duni Petrescu
Unlocking The Portal By Akara
Fly Away By Laeter
Sensitive Mind By Fingers In The Noise
Shadows Emerging By Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera
Bonda By Susumu Yokota
The Wendigo By Marc Barreca
The Mark (Interlude) By Moderat
Miniatures By Aeirs TV
Thorns & Brambles By Pines
Glossolalia By Alek Glasrud
Unkown By Unknown
Shinjuku To Singibashi By Halftribe
Libet’s Delay By The Caretaker
Inside My House Some Place I Keep Dreaming About By Ricky Eat Acid
Unknown By Unknown
Underwater Levitation By Anteatereater
Shells (demo version) By Halftribe
Control Needs Time By Black Dog


Theme From Neo Tropico By Loose Link
Her Steaming Mouth By ONTHE88
Quiet Churches By Loose Link
A Bright Fire By Loose Link, Sy Haze and The Alternative Sapien
Hyperbird (Path 5) By Loose Link And Off Land
トランスミッション By Remember and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
m a t t e r By Kislotnoe Probujdenie
Child of Light By Melotone
Planet アトラス By Bodyline
Adda Allures By LooseLink
A Study In Stillness 1 By Ivan Black
Theme From Neo Tropico By LooseLink


Jazz Dellusion By Louis Haiman
Whispering Pines By DeepChord
Protocol By David Harrow
Symbol #7.2 By Indigo
Two Weeks & Counting By Clint Mansell
Confused Images By Massive Attack
Take Me Home By Tan Dun
Cooled Out By Cabaret Voltaire
Bonheur By Lawrence


untitled 1 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 2 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 3 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
untitled 4 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
Affections By DJ Shadow
Prinzif By Huerco S

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Torsion – The Ghost Is The Machine

01. Arbitarium – Smalldog
02. Adsol – Time
03. aeron – Seasons (Izzard rmx)
04. Ryan Davis & Applescal – Creatures (despine ambient mix)
05. Sanctums – Magnum Opiate
06. Hiatus – Becoming
07. Trampique – Emerald
08. Teho – The Way to Nowhere
09. Max Cooper – Sea of Sound (ambient rework)
10. Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds – a1
11. Michna – The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
12. Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air (asleep version)
13. M.E.S.H – Captivated
14. Egokind & Ozean – Mute Memories

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