Henry Zoonka


Henry Zoonka – a Boards of Canada mix II

Gemini snippet
XXXXXX _ —— _ —— _ —— _ —— _ ——
Slag Boom Van Loon – Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada remix)
Spiro loop
Trails loop
Mira Calix – Sandsings (Remixed by Boards of Canada)
Hi Scores
Bubbah’s Tum – Dirty Great Mable (Boards of Canada remix)
Sesame Street ‘Orange’ sample
An Eagle In Your Mind (Consumed And Regurgitated By The P.B.O.ster!)
Waco Tapes ‘Koresh 1’ sample
Tracking The Lincolnshire Poacher sample
From One Source All Things Depend
Come To Dust
The Conet Project ‘Achtung!’ sample
Tears From The Compound Eye (Lachromnomy edit)
Seven Fourty Seven (Helios remix)
Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix)
Cosecha Signal One
Waco Tapes ‘Koresh 1’ sample
Olson (Wrm remix)
Season Of The Witch ‘I’ll Be Gone’ sample
Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada remix)
Dayvan Cowboy loop
cLOUDDEAD – Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix)
Sesame Street ‘I Love You’ sample
Julie And Candy
Time Apple
Telephasic Workshop
A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

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DJ Food


DJ Food – O is for Orange

Sesame Street _ Oh! Orange _ Sesame Workshop
Galt MacDermot _ Aquarius _ RCA Victor
Boards of Canada _ The Colour of the Fire _ Warp
Broadcast & The Focus Group _ The Be Colony _ Warp
Yosi Horikawa _ Wandering _ First Word
Prefuse 73 feat. School of Seven Bells _ The Class of 73 _ Warp
Mordy Laye & The Group Modular _ Electric Paint _ Audio Montage
Boards of Canada _ Everything You Do Is A Balloon _ Skam
John Abercrombie _ Timeless _ ECM
Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange _ The Dreams: Land _ BBC
The Books _ Group Autogenics I _ Temporary Residence
Two Quiet Suns _ Light Curve _ Bandcamp
DJ Food _ Sunspot _ no label
Lost Idol _ Beesmouth _ Cookshop
Boards of Canada _ A Beautiful Place Out In The Country _ Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto _ Prime Audio Soup (Boards of Canada remix) _ PIAS
Autechre _ Teartear _ Warp
The Human League _ Being Boiled _ Fast
Wagon Christ _ Chunkothy _ Ninja Tune
Boards of Canada _ Satellite Anthem Icarus _ Warp
Boards of Canada _ Music Is Math _ Warp
Slag Boom Van Loon _ Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada remix) _ Planet Mu
Boards of Canada _ Olson(Midland re-edit) _ mp3
Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange _ The Dreams: Colour _ BBC
Sesame Street _ A Lot of Me _ Sesame Workshop

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Baby Armie


Baby Armie – Ambient Boards of Canada Rarities

01. “Alpha Rainbow”
02. “Nova Scotia Robots”
03. “Breaking Nehushtan”
04. “Kiteracer 2”
05. “North Sea Arbeit”
06. “Magic Teens”
07. “5.8.78” (Excerpt)
08. “Carcan”
09. “We’ve Started Up” (Excerpt)
10. “Up the March Bank”
11. “Powerline Misfortune”
12. “I Will Get It Tattooed”
13. “Soylent Night”
14. “Hiscores”
15. “Northern Plastics”
16. “Davie Addison”
17. “Boquarant”
18. “M9”
19. “Statue of Liberty”
20. “Fly in the Pool”
21. “Mushyz”
22. “XYZ” (Excerpt)
23. “Sac”
24. “Finity” (Excerpt)
25. “Original Nlogax”
26. “Dreaming of Turkey and Ham”

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Posthuman – A Few Old Tunes BoC Mix

Blockbusters (A Few Old Tunes)
Alpha & Omega (Geogaddi)
Finity (A Few Old Tunes)
Chromakey Dreamcoat (The Campfire Headphase)
Skyliner (Trans-Canada Highway)
She Is P (A Few Old Tunes)
Nlogax (Hi Scores)
Hell Interface – Midas Touch (MASK 500)
To The Wind (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
I Love My New Shears (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
Staircase Whip (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
The Way You Show (A Few Old Tunes)
Alpha Rainbow (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
June 9th (Hi Scores)
Red Moss (Boc Maxima)
Come To Dust (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
Chinook (Aquarius)
King of Carnival (A Few Old Tunes)
Basefree (Twoism)
Cold Earth (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
M9 (Boc Maxima)

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Strictly Kev


Strictly Kev – Boards of Canada – Sometime in The Future

the devil is in the details
music is math
alpha and omega
sunshine recorder
you could feel the sky
the beach at redpoint
julie and candy
dawn chorus
+ other surprises

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Primer – Boards of Canada Tribute Mix

Boards of Canada – Under The Cake Sign
Boards of Canada – One Very Important Thought
Boards of Canada – A Moment of Clarity
Boards of Canada – 1969
Boards of Canada – Left Side Drive
Boards of Canada – Constants Are Changing
Boards of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar
Boards of Canada – Heard From Telegraph Lines
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
Boards of Canada – Aquarius
Boards of Canada – Aquarius (Version 3)
Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail
Boards of Canada – Roygbiv
Boards of Canada – You Could Feel The Sky
Boards of Canada – Macquarie Ridge
Boards of Canada – Oscar See Through Red Eye
Boards of Canada – Sixtyniner
Boards of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Boards of Canada – Kid For Today
Boards of Canada – Sherbet Head
Boards of Canada – Ataronchronon
Boards of Canada – ’84 Pontiac Dream
Boards of Canada – Slow This Bird Down
Boards of Canada – June 9th
Boards of Canada – The Color Of The Fire
Boards of Canada – Farewell Fire
Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries
Boards of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind
Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
Mira Calix – Sandsings – Remixed By Boards Of Canada
Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Boards of Canada – Satellite Anthem Icarus
Boards of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
Boards of Canada – Music Is Math
Boards of Canada – Oirectine
Boards of Canada – Orange Romeda
Boards of Canada – Pete Standing Alone
Boards of Canada – Olson (Version 3)
Boards of Canada – Tears From the Compound Eye
Boards of Canada – Wildlife Analysis
Boards of Canada – Olson
Boards of Canada – Zoetrope

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