Rich Ears


Rich Ears – Cala Bonita

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Rich-Ears – Almond (for X-Ray radio @ Concertzender)

Goose – digital love song / disconnection
Porya Hatami – Pomegranates
Sonae – The Beauty of Music
Tosca – Greulich (Live at Odeon)
Biosphere & Jony Easterby – Heights Of The Depths
Don Peyote – M’bira Lullaby
Mercury Rev – Blackbird’s Call
Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts – Under the Influence
Chris Coco – villa infinite horizon
Rich Ears_edit_Ishq_GrSunPris
Funki Porcini – Quietly Now
Robert Miles – Leaving Behind
Rich Ears_edit_Brian Eno_Neroli Reflection
Baumann Electronics – Tierra Azul (Pale Blue Dot – intro)
Pete Namlook – Summer untitled #2
Angel Galán – The Question
Travels (interlude)
The Irresistible Force – Downstream
Boris Lelong – Chlorophyll
Ishq – Epsilon

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DF Tram & Rich Ears


DF Tram & Rich Ears – Solar Flare

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matt-nuc-leus – Time Does Not Matter

featuring music from Fax +49-69/450464

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Mike G


Mike G – This Is Pete Namlook 2

01. Bedouin Love by Pete Namlook
02. Silent Intelligence parts 4-5 by Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin
03. Heaven (aw-cut) by Pete Namlook & Dr Atmo
04. Travelling Without Moving parts 4-5 by Pete Namlook
05. The Fires Of Ork II by Pete Namlook & Geir Jennson
06. School Of Fish by Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris
07. Picnic by Pete Namlook
08. A Million Miles From Earth by Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin
09. Mirage by Pete Namlook

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Pete Namlook


Pete Namlook – The Attic: Composers Corner Podcast 10

2350 Broadway (Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue) – Raga (1993)
Jet Chamber (Peter Kuhlmann & Uwe Schmidt) – Calm Box (1996)
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue ‎- Shades Of Orion 2 (2002)
Escape (Amir Abadi, Michael Schaffer, Peter Kuhlmann) – Trip From Mars (1994)
The Dark Side Of The Moog (Klaus Schulze & Peter Kuhlmann) feat. Bill Laswell – The Final DAT (Part I) (1997)
The Dark Side Of The Moog – A Saucerful Of Ambience (Part X) (1995)
Subsequence (Peter Kuhlmann & Uwe Schmidt) – Healthy And Beautiful (1992)
Silence – Asbendos (2001)
Psychonavigation (Peter Kuhlmann & Bill Laswell) – Telepathy II (1997)
A New Consciousness (Charles Uzzell-Edwards & Peter Kuhlmann) – Environmental Frankfurt (part X) (1995)
Synsyl (Peter Kuhlmann & Sylvie Marks) – Angel (1993)
The Dark Side Of The Moog (Klaus Schulze & Peter Kuhlmann) – Wish You Were There (1994)
Synthadelic (Peter Kuhlmann & Uwe Schmidt) – Secretary (1993)
Virtual Vices (Peter Kuhlmann & Wolfram Spyra) – Tshoogy Beatbox (2000)
Air – Travelling Without Moving Trip 02 (1994)
Air – Travelling Without Moving Trip 03 (1994)
Silence (Pete Namlook & Dr Atmo) – Faith (1993)
Outland (Peter Kuhlmann & Bill Laswell) – From The Earth To The Ceiling – Part IV (1994)
From Within (Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin) – Homeward Bound (1994)
Pete Namlook – Astrogator – Part 4 (1993)
Namlook – Seasons Greetings – Winter – Part VI (1994)
Namlook – Subharmonic Interference II (1994)
Psychonavigation (Peter Kuhlmann & Bill Laswell) – Mind Tranceference Control (1997)
Silence – The Night Before I Left (1999)
2350 Broadway (Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue) – Art Of Dream Part 2 (1994)
Air – Give Space A Trance (Air 3 – Secret Heritage) (2003)
Namlook – Interview With New And Native Organic Life (2002)
Namlook • Montanà – Labyrinth Path II (2010)
2350 Broadway – Extended Wave (2007)
Silence – The Bottom Of The Ocean (1998)
Escape (Amir Abadi, Michael Schaffer, Peter Kuhlmann) – Atmosphere Processor (1994)
Air – Je Suis triste Et Seul Ici (1993)
From Within (Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin) – Silent Intelligence Part IV (1997)
Namlook – Farbwerke II (Music for Urban Meditation III) (2009)
Air – 1St Impression (1993)
Silence – Trip (1992)
Move D / Namlook – Für Friedrich, Oskar & Paul (1999)
Air – Jeux Dangereux (Air V + Jeux Dangereux) (2006)
Namlook – Sadness Atoms (1996)
Air – La Nuit De Tous Nos Reves Approche (1999)
Sultan (Peter Kuhlmann & Burhan Öçal) – Yenilik (Part I) (1996)
Sultan (Peter Kuhlmann & Burhan Öçal) – Yenilik (Part VII) (1996)

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Terminal Radio


Terminal Radio – Season 2 Episode 2

TR Intro By Terminal
Phil 3 to 5 to 3 By Black Dog
Ancient World By Jeremy Seoul
Drums By Grateful Dead


Orange Sunshine By Superstars Of Rock
Avril 14th By Aphex Twin
Comments on SITE By SITE
Ambient Echo By Castlebed
Unknown By Jello Biafra
Night Walk By Air Scape
Metropolitian By Funki Porcini
Continuum II By Duni Petrescu
Unlocking The Portal By Akara
Fly Away By Laeter
Sensitive Mind By Fingers In The Noise
Shadows Emerging By Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera
Bonda By Susumu Yokota
The Wendigo By Marc Barreca
The Mark (Interlude) By Moderat
Miniatures By Aeirs TV
Thorns & Brambles By Pines
Glossolalia By Alek Glasrud
Unkown By Unknown
Shinjuku To Singibashi By Halftribe
Libet’s Delay By The Caretaker
Inside My House Some Place I Keep Dreaming About By Ricky Eat Acid
Unknown By Unknown
Underwater Levitation By Anteatereater
Shells (demo version) By Halftribe
Control Needs Time By Black Dog


Theme From Neo Tropico By Loose Link
Her Steaming Mouth By ONTHE88
Quiet Churches By Loose Link
A Bright Fire By Loose Link, Sy Haze and The Alternative Sapien
Hyperbird (Path 5) By Loose Link And Off Land
トランスミッション By Remember and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
m a t t e r By Kislotnoe Probujdenie
Child of Light By Melotone
Planet アトラス By Bodyline
Adda Allures By LooseLink
A Study In Stillness 1 By Ivan Black
Theme From Neo Tropico By LooseLink


Jazz Dellusion By Louis Haiman
Whispering Pines By DeepChord
Protocol By David Harrow
Symbol #7.2 By Indigo
Two Weeks & Counting By Clint Mansell
Confused Images By Massive Attack
Take Me Home By Tan Dun
Cooled Out By Cabaret Voltaire
Bonheur By Lawrence


untitled 1 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 2 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 3 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
untitled 4 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
Affections By DJ Shadow
Prinzif By Huerco S

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