DJ Seroton


DJ Seroton – Drifter Vol 9

Kreng – Karcist
Rob Simonsen – I Want to Call Him (“The Spectacular Now” Soundtrack)
Accelra – The Woodworker (Remix)
Solarsoul feat. Nimanty – The Starry Sky (Original Space Ambient Mix)
Sokkyō – Las Perseidas
Stray Theories – Blackout
Andrew Lahiff – Clouds
Eluvium – Wind Book (Excerpt)
Ben Woods – No Word From Above
Kreng – Acceptance
Rudy Adrian – Fading Light
Biosphere – Hyperborea (Excerpt)
36 – Another World
Marconi Union – Northern Stations
Fellirium – Beyond the Dream (part 3)
Stray Theories – Breathless

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Tonepoet & DJ Seroton


Tonepoet & DJ Seroton – As The World Comes Into Focus

Part 1: Tonepoet
“Stranger Air (Error #1) Repurpose” by Woob from Intervision (Start Time: 00:00)
“Öpik-Oort” by Umber from Sunshine Young (Start Time: 02:21)
“As I Awoke…” by Aural Method from When I Drifted I Heard A Faint Melody (Start Time: 4:41)
“Aperception III” by Pseudosphère from Aperception (Start Time: 6:00)
“Lighthouse” by The Monk By The Sea from Soundscapes (Start Time: 11:03)
“Awaiting Your Arrival” by Good Weather For An Airstrike from A Home For You (Start Time: 13:58)
“Surrender” by Ben Lovett from Sun Don’t Shine Soundtrack (Start Time: 17:44)
“Within My Mind An Ocean Appears” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 20:28)
“Things Left Unsaid” by Tonepoet from Headspace (Start Time: 21:27)
“Sunshine Youth (Featuring Good Weather For An Airstrike)” by Umber from Sunshine Young (Start Time: 24:14)
“To Speak Of Solitude” by Brambles from Charcoal (Start Time: 28:24)

Part 2: DJ Seroton
“Anna On The Floor” by Aaron Zigman from My Sister’s Keeper (Start Time: 31:04)
“Soothing Image 46” by Bing Satellites from Soothing Images 31-47 (Start Time: 31:32)
“Dark Clouds” by Bing Satellites from Twilight Sessions Volume Eight (Start Time: 34:09)
“Portals (Part II)” by Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd from Drift (Start Time: 38:49)
“Reason of Senses” by Jonson from Mindlook (Start Time: 43:35)
“Seveen” by Otto A Totland from Pinô (Start Time: 49:05)
“I Will Surround You” by Stars Of The Lid from Avec Laudenum (Start Time: 50:09)
“The Brightest Lights in the Darkest Skies” by Ben Woods from Moments (Start Time: 52:15)

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