FSOL Forum


FSOL Forum – Terminal Radio Transmission 19

Terminal Radio – Binary System

FSOL & Nmesh – Transmision Intro [Terminal]
FSOL – Just a Fuckin’ Idiot [Astralwerks]
FSOL – Mango Tree [fsoldigital.com]

SANDERSON DEAR – Terminal SEGMENT [Mix Chapter]

Sanderson Dear – It Fell From The Sky [Stasis Recordings]
Aural Imbalance – Legacy (atmospheric research remix) [Movementinsound]
ASC & Sam KDC – Skala [Auxiliary]
Louis Haiman – Intro [Stasis Recordings]
Sanderson Dear – The Detective (Off Land recon) [Stasis Recordings]

NOISESURFER – Exit Dead Airports [Mix Chapter]

Noisesurfer – exit dead airports [Bandcamp]
LCC – adamás [Editions Mego]
Thievery corporation – saudade [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]
Keiichi Suzuki – Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express mix) [WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings]
system 7 – mia [10 Records]
secede & kettel – fullmoon [Sending Orbs]
Autharktos – Comb Sign [self-released]
dj-yogurt & koyas- introduction to ”chill out” on the border [Third-Ear]
daniel pemberton- the jump [fsoldigital.com]

FSOL – We Have Explosive (part 1) [Astralwerks]

OFF LAND – Unknown Frequency, part 2 [Mix Chapter]

Urenga – Seaside (Sanderson’s coastal drift) [unreleased]
d:ve – Plunge 1 [Rain Music]
Simian – The Wisp [Source]
Bersarin Quartett – The Deep And Lovely Quiet [n5MD]
pEACEFANg – A. Jackson Lantern [self-released]
Jack Anderton – Gully [Sirona-Records]
Off Land – Kite [unreleased]
M83 – Birds [Groom]
Off Land – Caracara [Stasis Recordings]

Boduf Songs – I Have Decided To Pass Through Matter [Kranky]

JOHNNY YESTERDAY – The Natural Organism [Mix Chapter]

Casino Vs. Japan – It’s Very Sunny [Wobblyhead]
Johnny Yesterday – Our Last Day [unreleased]
Future Sound Of London – First Death In The Family [Virgin]
Boards Of Canada – Smokes Quantity [Music70]
Johnny Yesterday – Tytyvyllus [Psychonavigation]

FIVE MINUTES ALONE – Dead Pόlis Free From Stone [Mix Chapter]

Five Minutes Alone – Solaris [Unreleased]
Jon Hopkins – Rain And Ash [JustMusic]
Five Minutes Alone – November Drain [Terminal]
Steven Price – Atlantis [Watertower Music]
Aevin – Falling Off The Thin Line [Unreleased]
Ryan Amon – The Gantry [Varese Records]
Michl Britsch – Shape [Königskinder]
David Wingo – Clinic [Lakeshore Records]
After The Pulse – The Child Who Was A Flower (Parts 1-2) [Bandcamp]
Gustavo Santaolalla – Masterpiece [Concord Records]
Angelo Badalamenti – Seattle, 1974 [Hollywood Records]
Jeff McIlwain – May Pearl [Lakeshore Records]
James Newton Howard – Chase Through The Cave [Sony Masterworks]
Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek – No Smell [Warner Classics]
Jon Hopkins – The Forest/Plane Wreck [JustMusic]

MAPS OF HYPERSPACE – The Joyous Cosmology [Mix Chapter]

Queens of the stonage – Regular John [Roadrunner records]
Robert Roos – Beyond Zen [SUB Records]
Sri Hari – Shrivranjani Raga [Avatar records]
Maps of Hyperspace – Quiet mind [Unreleased]
Robert Roos – Lower reality [SUB Records]

ROSS BAKER – Uncharted Territories Part 4 [Mix Chapter]

Cask – B3 [Tranquility Tapes]
Dead Can Dance – The Wind That Shakes the Barley [4AD]
Origamibiro – Butterfly Jar [Denovali]
Wolf Maps – Candle (Flicker) [Bandcamp]
Middlemarch – Entirely Beloved Cromwell [Time Released Sound]
Jack Anderton – The Pneumatics Apparatus [Bump Foot]

Woob – Strange Air [em:t]
Off Land – Coast [unreleased]
Amorphous Androgynous – Liquid Insects [Astralwerks]

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