Junkyard Angel & Tonepoet


Junkyard Angel & Tonepoet – Fading Light

“Ambient Heartbeats” by Tonepoet from Unknown (Start Time: 00:00)
“Mist Of Mercy” by Hans Christian from Cinema Of Dreams (Start Time: 01:05)
“More Dead Than Alive” by Hammock from Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Start Time: 06:18)
“Spirit’s Breath” by Paul Avgerinos from Bliss (Start Time: 07:30)
“Evermore” by Christian Ferreira from The Meditone Project, Vol. 1 (Start Time: 15:19)
“Feeling God Has Left You” by Dave Preston from Soundtrack For Motion (Start Time: 22:24)
“Blood Red” by Thomas Newman from American Beauty Score (Start Time: 28:21)
“No Turning Back” by Ben Lovett from The Last Lullaby (Start Time: 28:54)
“The Journey” by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack (Start Time: 30:31)
“The First Goodbye” by David Helping & Jon Jenkins from Treasure (Start Time: 31:58)
“Fading Light” by Rudy Adrian from Desert Realms (Start Time: 35:10)
“When You Return” by Stray Theories from Those Who Remain (Start Time: 38:10)
“The Wastelands” by Halo from Song Of The Highest Tower (Start Time: 43:59)
“Turino In The Clouds” by Moss Garden from In The Silence Of The Subconscious (Start Time: 46:40)
“Echo Of Tomorrow” by Olan Mill from Hiraeth (Start Time: 51:17)
“Vansunbarth” by Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra from Drowning In The Sky (Start Time: 53:34)
“Hydref 4” by R. Roo from Hydref (Start Time: 58:53)
“Twilight” by Fellirium from Sapphire (Start Time: 62:47)
“Beyond The Milkwood” by Franco Albanese from Unknown (Start Time: 68:20)
“Returning” by State Azure from Outlines (Start Time: 72:48)
“And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing” by Set Fire To Flames from Telegraphs In Negative: Mouths Trapped In Static (Start Time: 75:51)
“Lunar Eclipse (Gessyoku)” by 3+ from Kazesarai (Start Time: 79:32)
“Dawnspace” by 36 from Shadow Play (Start Time: 84:23)
“The Stars Are Falling” by Iohannes from Unknown (Start Time: 86:03)
“Ashlar & Monuments” by Vedisni from Ashlar & Monuments (Start Time: 91:42)

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