Kuma – And This Is What You Get When You Least Expect It

Kuma- The Day The Saucers Came (For Kat)
Jon Hopkins w/ King Creosote – Immunity (Asleep Version)
Andy Stott – Time Away
Higher Intelligence Agency – Conoid Tone (Autechre Remix)
Marble Sky – Pulling Up Grass Under A Blanket
Underworld – Tongue
ASC – Lucent Vessel
Two Lone Swordsmen – Enemy Haze
Hakobune – Kusonoki
Deadbeat – Slow Rot From Rhetoric
Alan Moore – Disappearing I
Shaded Explorer – High Above Water
Seekers INTL – Aaliyah Meditation
Demdike Stare – Haxan Dub
Deru – The Future Never Comes
Hiss Tracts – ..Shortwave Nights
Loscil – Sea Island Murders
E.R.P – Paper Dove
The Bug – Pandi
Aphex Twin – Blue Calyx
Tranquility Bass – They Came In Peace
El Mahdy Jr. – Lost Bridge (Killing Sound Remix)
Drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass – Hackney Illiad (Marsh Remix)
Billow Observatory – Calumet
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos V
Apparat – Ash Black Veil

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Gunshae – The Way Of The Gun (Lessons 1 and 2)

The Orb – Sleeping TIger & the Gods Unknown
Ryan Teague – Coins and Crosses
Reality Sandwich – Rhodonea Curve
Stars of the Lid – Mullholland
Ambientportal – Minimal Senses
Loscil – Windless
Eluvium – Ostinato
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Voigt Kampf
Plaid – Two Rooms
Bjork – Joga (Buzz Water Mix)
Ben Frost – I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin
Hildur Gunadottir – Iridescence
Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music Pt. 1
Grouper – Dragging The Streets
Fennesz – Liminal
Gunshae – I Left My Heart At Arena Mexico
Sunn 0)) – Che
Ramses III – We Shall Never Sing Of Sorrow
The Sight Below – Shimmering
Deepchord – Untitled
Orcas – Until Then

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For When You Have No Off Switch

Paul Bowles – Up Above World
Marcus Fischer – Cascadia Obscura
LV and Message To Bears ft Zaki Ibrahim – Explode (DJ Rum Mix)
ASC – Untitled #3
Murcof – P. IV
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears
Deepchord – Spirits
Julianna Barwick – Envelop
Holy Other – Know Where
Grouper – Moon Is Sharp
Loscil – Union Dusk
Alan Moore – Disapearing
Shlomo – Places
Sylvain Chaveau – From Stone To Cloud
ASC and Bvdub – Symbol 2.4
*AR – Rise
Eluvium – Repose In Blue
Balam Acab – Oh, Why
Leyland Kirby – My Dream Contained A Star
Kyle Bobby Dunn – There Is No End To Your Beauty
Fennesz – Seven Stars
Plaid – Craft Nine
Roly Porter – Al Dhanab
The XX – Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Remix)

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Chloe HarrisB-sides – Enna Summa

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