Posthuman – A Few Old Tunes BoC Mix

Blockbusters (A Few Old Tunes)
Alpha & Omega (Geogaddi)
Finity (A Few Old Tunes)
Chromakey Dreamcoat (The Campfire Headphase)
Skyliner (Trans-Canada Highway)
She Is P (A Few Old Tunes)
Nlogax (Hi Scores)
Hell Interface – Midas Touch (MASK 500)
To The Wind (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
I Love My New Shears (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
Staircase Whip (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
The Way You Show (A Few Old Tunes)
Alpha Rainbow (A Few Old Tunes Vol. 2)
June 9th (Hi Scores)
Red Moss (Boc Maxima)
Come To Dust (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
Chinook (Aquarius)
King of Carnival (A Few Old Tunes)
Basefree (Twoism)
Cold Earth (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
M9 (Boc Maxima)

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Posthuman – Live Instore @ Silverfish Records

I Remember When
How Man Is Made
Auberginetix Ping
Jabba Sun

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Posthuman – The Gegenschein Mix

Posthuman – Pripyat
Posthuman – Konkordski
On / Off – 55555
Posthuman – The Woman in the Bath
Posthuman – The Karman Vortices
Posthuman – Dry Riser Inlet
Posthuman – Jacson’s Return
Posthuman – Both Love and Fear
Posthuman – Bruce Monster
Posthuman – Beautiful Shadow
On / Off – Piano for a Broken Heart
Posthuman – Memories of the War
Posthuman – Stockholm Syndrome (Part 1)
Posthuman – End Of Line
Posthuman – Asha Fallen (Benge Remix)
Posthuman – Quetzacotl
Posthuman – Two Brothers Fall
Posthuman – Beautiful Beast
Posthuman – The Ottawa Object (LJ Kruzer Remix)
Posthuman – Lagrange Point



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