Sanderson Dear


Sanderson Dear – Trenchcast 14

01. Sanderson Dear – Andromeda House (Louis Haiman’s space burial 1)
02. Brian Reitzell – Underture
03. Cliff Martinez – The Painting
04. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Hell Ensemble
05. John Foxx – Geometry And Coincidence
06. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – The Gentle Hum Of Anxiety
07. Shigeru Umebayashi – Taking Her Hand
08. Inhmost – Edge Of Space
09. Nether – Neptune
10. Boards Of Canada – Kid For Today
11. Coldform – Windless Dub
12. PlotKA – The Roads Brought By Snow
13. Michal Wolski – Untold Story
14. Mikrokristal & Echo Delta – Snowman
15. Rodja – Immanence
16. ASC – The Secret Society
17. Synth Sense – Stepping Stone (widescreen mix)
18. Cerene – Peace Of My Heart
19. Queensway – Stay
20. Adam Elemental – Awakening
21. Consequence – 11 Circles
22. Sanderson Dear – 170 Cycles
23. Omni Trio – Sound System
24. Elwood – Vertical Shift
25. Mikarma – Links

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Terminal Radio


Terminal Radio – Season 2 Eisode 1

02. Ribs by Lorde
03. Water’s Gift by Tangerine Dream
04. Shaking Heads by Foxes
05. Ambifauna by International Debris
06. 92 Degrees by Siouxsie & the Banshees
07. Turn of the Tides by Tangerine Dream
08. From the Same Hill by Brian Eno
09. Devorzhum by Dead Can Dance

11. What is Wrong With Our Culture by Alan Watts
12. A Walk in the Woods by XIXX
13. Transition 01 by Akkya
14. Last Man (Akkya’s Clone Version 2015) by HERD
15. Turing Test by Ben Salisbury + Geoff Barrow
16. Csc by Biuddha + Den5hion
17. Unknown Planet by Helen Arista
18. Globular (Longform) by The Future Sound of London
19. Bleak by SMVLV
20. Eternal by Biosphere

22. Close Your Eyes and Reboot by Night Note
23. KrushCowboy by The Zen Lunatic
24. Wild Thing by Revise
25. Quantum Computers by Subaeris
26. Red Ocean Apocalypse by VHS Head
27. basidiolichens, which form fruitbodies resembling their nonlichenized by Sturmazdale
28. Tegos Case 32 by Vangelis
29. Black Mask by Cabaret Voltaire
30. Sleep Deprived by Chicago Damn
31. Blue Veils and Golden Sands by Delia Derbyshire

33. Blue Haze by Ishq
34. Essene by Ishq
35. Delphine Drift by Woob
36. untitled by Doseone
37. Valves by Journeyman

39. Sphere by Aroy Dee
40. Mersellanious by Will & Ink
41. Galaxy Dreaming by Innerspace Halflife
42. Stand By by YMC
43. Deire Line by dBridge
44. Stargate interlude by The Model
45. Ish Chat by Spectrsoul
46. Terminus interlude by The Model
47. Jackpot by Speedy J
48. Intro by Urban Force
49. Simultaneous by Pyramids of Space

51. Hyperbird by Loose Link & Off Land
52. Je Suis by Neotropic
53. Anaïs -something that can never be repeated by Lyndsie Alguire
54. Desert Varnish by HOLOVR
55. Recovery by Blackhill Transmitter
56. Bhakti by Ishq
57. Prinzif by Huerco S.

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FSOL Forum


FSOL Forum – Terminal Radio Transmission 19

Terminal Radio – Binary System

FSOL & Nmesh – Transmision Intro [Terminal]
FSOL – Just a Fuckin’ Idiot [Astralwerks]
FSOL – Mango Tree []

SANDERSON DEAR – Terminal SEGMENT [Mix Chapter]

Sanderson Dear – It Fell From The Sky [Stasis Recordings]
Aural Imbalance – Legacy (atmospheric research remix) [Movementinsound]
ASC & Sam KDC – Skala [Auxiliary]
Louis Haiman – Intro [Stasis Recordings]
Sanderson Dear – The Detective (Off Land recon) [Stasis Recordings]

NOISESURFER – Exit Dead Airports [Mix Chapter]

Noisesurfer – exit dead airports [Bandcamp]
LCC – adamás [Editions Mego]
Thievery corporation – saudade [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]
Keiichi Suzuki – Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express mix) [WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings]
system 7 – mia [10 Records]
secede & kettel – fullmoon [Sending Orbs]
Autharktos – Comb Sign [self-released]
dj-yogurt & koyas- introduction to ”chill out” on the border [Third-Ear]
daniel pemberton- the jump []

FSOL – We Have Explosive (part 1) [Astralwerks]

OFF LAND – Unknown Frequency, part 2 [Mix Chapter]

Urenga – Seaside (Sanderson’s coastal drift) [unreleased]
d:ve – Plunge 1 [Rain Music]
Simian – The Wisp [Source]
Bersarin Quartett – The Deep And Lovely Quiet [n5MD]
pEACEFANg – A. Jackson Lantern [self-released]
Jack Anderton – Gully [Sirona-Records]
Off Land – Kite [unreleased]
M83 – Birds [Groom]
Off Land – Caracara [Stasis Recordings]

Boduf Songs – I Have Decided To Pass Through Matter [Kranky]

JOHNNY YESTERDAY – The Natural Organism [Mix Chapter]

Casino Vs. Japan – It’s Very Sunny [Wobblyhead]
Johnny Yesterday – Our Last Day [unreleased]
Future Sound Of London – First Death In The Family [Virgin]
Boards Of Canada – Smokes Quantity [Music70]
Johnny Yesterday – Tytyvyllus [Psychonavigation]

FIVE MINUTES ALONE – Dead Pόlis Free From Stone [Mix Chapter]

Five Minutes Alone – Solaris [Unreleased]
Jon Hopkins – Rain And Ash [JustMusic]
Five Minutes Alone – November Drain [Terminal]
Steven Price – Atlantis [Watertower Music]
Aevin – Falling Off The Thin Line [Unreleased]
Ryan Amon – The Gantry [Varese Records]
Michl Britsch – Shape [Königskinder]
David Wingo – Clinic [Lakeshore Records]
After The Pulse – The Child Who Was A Flower (Parts 1-2) [Bandcamp]
Gustavo Santaolalla – Masterpiece [Concord Records]
Angelo Badalamenti – Seattle, 1974 [Hollywood Records]
Jeff McIlwain – May Pearl [Lakeshore Records]
James Newton Howard – Chase Through The Cave [Sony Masterworks]
Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek – No Smell [Warner Classics]
Jon Hopkins – The Forest/Plane Wreck [JustMusic]

MAPS OF HYPERSPACE – The Joyous Cosmology [Mix Chapter]

Queens of the stonage – Regular John [Roadrunner records]
Robert Roos – Beyond Zen [SUB Records]
Sri Hari – Shrivranjani Raga [Avatar records]
Maps of Hyperspace – Quiet mind [Unreleased]
Robert Roos – Lower reality [SUB Records]

ROSS BAKER – Uncharted Territories Part 4 [Mix Chapter]

Cask – B3 [Tranquility Tapes]
Dead Can Dance – The Wind That Shakes the Barley [4AD]
Origamibiro – Butterfly Jar [Denovali]
Wolf Maps – Candle (Flicker) [Bandcamp]
Middlemarch – Entirely Beloved Cromwell [Time Released Sound]
Jack Anderton – The Pneumatics Apparatus [Bump Foot]

Woob – Strange Air [em:t]
Off Land – Coast [unreleased]
Amorphous Androgynous – Liquid Insects [Astralwerks]

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Terminal Radio


Terminal Radio – Season 2 Episode 2

TR Intro By Terminal
Phil 3 to 5 to 3 By Black Dog
Ancient World By Jeremy Seoul
Drums By Grateful Dead


Orange Sunshine By Superstars Of Rock
Avril 14th By Aphex Twin
Comments on SITE By SITE
Ambient Echo By Castlebed
Unknown By Jello Biafra
Night Walk By Air Scape
Metropolitian By Funki Porcini
Continuum II By Duni Petrescu
Unlocking The Portal By Akara
Fly Away By Laeter
Sensitive Mind By Fingers In The Noise
Shadows Emerging By Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera
Bonda By Susumu Yokota
The Wendigo By Marc Barreca
The Mark (Interlude) By Moderat
Miniatures By Aeirs TV
Thorns & Brambles By Pines
Glossolalia By Alek Glasrud
Unkown By Unknown
Shinjuku To Singibashi By Halftribe
Libet’s Delay By The Caretaker
Inside My House Some Place I Keep Dreaming About By Ricky Eat Acid
Unknown By Unknown
Underwater Levitation By Anteatereater
Shells (demo version) By Halftribe
Control Needs Time By Black Dog


Theme From Neo Tropico By Loose Link
Her Steaming Mouth By ONTHE88
Quiet Churches By Loose Link
A Bright Fire By Loose Link, Sy Haze and The Alternative Sapien
Hyperbird (Path 5) By Loose Link And Off Land
トランスミッション By Remember and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
m a t t e r By Kislotnoe Probujdenie
Child of Light By Melotone
Planet アトラス By Bodyline
Adda Allures By LooseLink
A Study In Stillness 1 By Ivan Black
Theme From Neo Tropico By LooseLink


Jazz Dellusion By Louis Haiman
Whispering Pines By DeepChord
Protocol By David Harrow
Symbol #7.2 By Indigo
Two Weeks & Counting By Clint Mansell
Confused Images By Massive Attack
Take Me Home By Tan Dun
Cooled Out By Cabaret Voltaire
Bonheur By Lawrence


untitled 1 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 2 (03-06-15) By Off Land
untitled 3 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
untitled 4 (03-06-15) By Off-Land
Affections By DJ Shadow
Prinzif By Huerco S

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