To kickstart 2017 we’re delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive slice of (London) Ambient history courtesy of Strictly Kev.

Openmind originated at 102 Tintagel Crecsent in East Dulwich, South East London around late 1992. The shared house spread across three floors above a shop, rented out by a local chemist specifically to students at a very reasonable £37 each per week, and the occupants came together by chance from different circumstances. Computer programmer Mario Aguera and 3rd year Camberwell School of Art students David Vallade and Kevin Foakes were later joined by Chantal Passamonte at some point in 1993. They frequented many of the clubs, gigs and underground parties of the time like Club Dog, Tribal Energy and Megatripolis but often found themselves enjoying the post-club comedown chill out sessions more than the actual clubs themselves.

After an incident with a synthesiser, a Rastafarian and a bowl of fish (see David Toop’s excellent ‘Ocean of Sound’ book for details) they formed a collective called Openmind and started a series of ambient parties under the name Telepathic Fish. Nearby neighbour Mixmaster Morris took them under his wing and introduced them to many of his contacts.

The first party was held in their house across two floors which held a rave room with strobe lighting and a chill out complete with tower of scavenged TV sets broadcasting trip videos, black lights and Morris DJing from decks on the next door kitchen counter. Advertised through word of mouth and a few posters at the college, the party drew 300 people and they realised that they had to find somewhere else to do the next one.

A squat in Tunstal Road, Brixton was located and a line up of Mixmaster Morris, Aphex Twin and the Openmind DJs (Mario and Kev) with Matt Black (Coldcut) on visuals played throughout a Sunday afternoon into the evening. A second gig was held at the same venue later that year (’93) which saw members of The Black Dog, Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia and The Future Sound of London checking out what was happening. Early flyers included shaped fish pendants and tea bags, hand-assembled using tracing and holographic paper.

After Matt Black’s initial revelatory experience at the Fish (his first ever VJ set) he invited Mario and Kev to guest on his and Jon More’s weekly KISS FM radio show, Solid Steel. They appeared a number of times (11.07.93 / 07.11.93 / 04. 03.94 / 15.07.94) and Matt and Morris continued to guest with music and visuals at the parties.

The venue then changed to the Cool Tan building in Brixton for a fourth excursion that included Matt Black on decks with PC (DJ Food), a pre-Leaf Tony Morley and visuals by Hex. Just before that party Mario and Kev were invited back onto Solid Steel on 26.09.94 and you can hear Matt giving the party a shout out in the mix. The sets played here are a pretty good indication of the sort of thing they played at the Telepathic Fish parties, sometimes pooling their then meagre record collections to fill out the nights.

There were more parties after this, usually as part of bigger events – Orbital’s Brixton Academy VIP room, Quirky, Megatripolis, a New Year’s Day party at the derelict Roundhouse and a Dutch excursion that saw them playing in a gas silo. They also produced four issues of an ambient fanzine called Mind Food which they sold at the parties, by mail or in various record shops in London.

Mario went on to join Hex for their early explorations into visuals and software and then headed up a team at a major video game developer. Chantal, David and Kev all worked at the Ambient Soho record shop in Berwick St. at certain points. Chantal went on to become Mira Calix and sign to Warp. David designed record sleeves for Warp, Ntone, Worm Interface, MLO and Reflective among others. Kev became part of DJ Food, carrying the Openmind name on as his design alias whilst shaping the look of the Ninja Tune label in the 90s and 00s.

Strictly Kev: www.djfood.org
Solid Steel: www.solidsteel.net

First hour: Mario Aguera (Openmind/Telepathic Fish)

Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force remix) (BMG)
UVX ‎- Elevator (13th floor spectrum) (Magick Eye Records)
Frankfurt – Tokio Connection – Luminescent Avatar (Harthouse / Rising High)
Golden Girls – Kinetic (Morley’s Apollo mix) (R&S)
Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia – Obsidian (Deconstruction) (KK Records)
The Grid – Crystal Clear (The Orb remix) (Virgin)
Ongaku – Mihon 2 (Fax/Rising High)
UVX ‎- Elevator (13th floor spectrum) (Magick Eye Records)
Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Natural Trance Mix) (Columbia)
Peter Gabriel – At Night (Real World)
Amorphous Androgynous – Mountain Goat (Virgin)
System 7 – 7-7 Expansion (Double Edged Sword mix) (Big Life)
David Morley – Calibration (Apollo)

Second hour: Strictly Kev (Openmind/Telepathic Fish – pre-DJ Food)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Warriors of the Wasteland (End) (ZTT)
Harold Budd & The Cocteau Twins – Memory Gongs (4AD) / S’Xpress – Coma (Record Mirror) No-Man – Days In The Trees (Reich) (One Little Indian)
KLF – What Time Is Love (Virtual Reality mix) (KLF Communications)
Jesus Jones – Zeroes & Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction 2 mix) (Food/EMI)
David Sylvian – Home (Virgin)
This Mortal Coil – Andialu (4AD)
B12 – Soundtrack of Space (Warp)
Spacetime Continuum – Fluorescence (Reflective)
Eurhythmics – The City Never Sleeps (Capitol)
Moody Boys – Free (XL)
Depth Charge – Depth Charge (Drum Death Version) (Vinyl Solution)
Material – Mantra (Praying Mantra mix) (Axiom)
Dub Syndicate – What Happened? (On-U Sound)
Moody Boys – Pumpin Dumpin (XL)
Plaid – Yamemm – (Warp)
unknown (Digidub or Moody Boys?)
Minnie Ripperton – Lovin’ You (Epic)

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Marshall Watson

Marshall Watson is an accomplished electronic music producer, remixer, and sound designer living in San Francisco. He came onto the music scene in 2004 with his first album “The Time Was Later Than He Expected,” released on the now defunct Sheffield label, Highpoint Lowlife.

Growing up in Louisiana and migrating to Seattle, his music was inspired by the dark and the rain. Since relocating to San Francisco in 2009 he’s turned a corner, away from the long grey days and into the sunlight.

Connecting with Loöq Records at the long standing Qoöl Happy Hour, his output has been focussed primarily on the dance floor. However, his latest release “Sitting Near Dreaming” is an ambient work forthcoming on Seven Villas Voyage, Pablo Bolivar’s ambient sister label to Seven Villas, due for release on June 13th.


The Divide—Marshall Watson
Re: Turn!—Nonkeen
Floating, Sinking—Peter Broderick
I Was Free—Sven Laux
Less—Nils Frahm
The Bremen—Jens Uwe Beyer
Attack of the Little Straw—Marshall Watson
Recuerdos De Otra Edad—Pablo Bolivar
Devotion—Donnacha Costello

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Ben Mynott

Ben Mynott

Ben Mynott has firmly established himself as a mainstay in the downtempo field working as a producer, DJ, radio presenter, and through his fluidnation movement which was born in 2004 after the split of Fragile State, a production duo Ben formed two years prior with Neil Cowley.

Following Fragile State he began DJing, taking his distinctly downtempo sound out and about with residencies at The Big Chill House and Bar in London and on the airwaves of Fire FM in Bournemouth. He can currently be found gracing the airwaves on Chill DAB in the UK and across the globe at helpmechill.com.

Compilations are another outlet with over 25 albums to date for labels such as Jazz Fm/Hed Kandi, Quiet Riot, Bar De Lune, Beechwood, One World Music, Slip ‘n’ Slide, The Hit Music Company, Just Music, United, and Park Lane Recordings. He also works for various records labels on a consultancy basis, putting together podcasts, mixes, label-samplers etc.

As one of our long-time favourite DJs we’re delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive download of Ben’s latest selection of just.beautiful.music.


01 Len Leise – Asmat Images (Ambient Mix)
02 Masayoshi Fujita – Beautiful Shimmer
03 Michael Price – Easter
04 Digitonal – Polestar
05 Max Cooper – Sea of Sound (Ambient Mix)
06 Unknown
07 Holy Other – Yr Love
08 Phaelah – A World Without
09 Echaskech – Cause and Effect
10 Gonno – A Life With Clarinet
11 The Rustle of the Stars – Sleeping Land pt1

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Sounds From The Ground

Sounds From The Ground a.k.a. Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones, emerged from the burgeoning underground ambient dub scene of the early 90’s. Both were involved with label management and promoting underground parties when they were introduced by a mutual friend and Sounds From The Ground was born.

Over the past 20 years they have released a dozen albums, performed around the globe at events such as The Big Chill and Glastonbury, and collaborated with a number of other artists such as Dillinger, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), B.J. Cole, and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Blending classic analogue machines alongside todays studio technology, S.F.T.G celebrate their 20th year by releasing a limited edition vinyl only album ‘Alchemy’ to mark the occasion on Upstream Records.


Artist – Track (Album on Label)

01 Aybee – Dawn (Worlds on Deepblak)
02 Bluredism – If Thats It (Beautiful Ugly Collection on Teng)
03 John Beltran – Medellin (Amazing Things on Delsin)
04 Chris Coco – Heavy Mellow (Jon Hopkins Remix) (My Summer Mixtape 2014 on Melodica)
05 Pitch Black – Please Leave Quietly ft Tracy Z (Rude Mechanicals on Dubmision)
06 Sounds From The Ground – Cradle (Alchemy on Upstream)
07 Vlastur – Interaxion Dub (Interaxion on Dub-EQnation)
08 Sounds From The Ground – Doves (Alchemy on Upstream)
09 Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest (Eglo Records Vol1 on Eglo)
10 Kjofol – Lune (Lune on Apparel)
11 Sounds From The Ground – Medina (unreleased)

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Jon Sousta

Jon Souster, DJ/producer from Canterbury UK, started out playing atmospheric Drum & Bass before moving onto Techno and leftfield Electronica. As well as producing his own music he makes psychedelic ambient mixes that are inspired by whatever he’s been watching, reading or listening to at the time, blending movie samples and field recordings with a variety of electronic music to create the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself in.


01. Final Wish – Vector Lovers
02. I Fell In Love – Gidge
03. Inbetween Two Rooms – Xela
04. God Puts Us All In The Swimming Pool – Ricky Eat Acid
05. Deep End – Pye Corner Audio
06. The Typewriter – Library Tapes
07. Unnatural City II – Kenji Kawai
08. Pyramid Lake – Hiatus
09. Capulet – Stumbleine
10. The Seal & The Hydrophone V1 – Biosphere
11. Cherry Coloured Funk (Otherness Version) – Cocteau Twins
12. Cherry Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins
13. The Date – Blu Mar Ten
14. Les Nuits – Nightmares On Wax
15. Talk – Fatima
16. Deus Ex Machina – With Joyful Lips

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Pure Radio Mix

Compulsive doodler, sometime painter and longtime lover of electronic music, Halftribe always longed to create his own music but always felt that it was out of his reach. The advent of the DAW changed everything and since then Halftribe’s creativity has been focused on music, both through his own productions and his ambient DJ sets.

Halftribe’s first DJ mix was a bit of an experiment, but was well received and provided the impetus to start making regular mixes with the music being largely unsigned. When one of these mixes was favourited on Soundcloud by Mixmaster Morris no further encouragement was needed to expand this artistic outlet.

His latest mix is a tribute to Mart Moon of Pure Radio in Amsterdam who sadly passed away earlier this year.


0’00’00 Suganology – Unknown title
0’05’21 Tone Color – September
0’08’20 Ekena – Muruch Duchana
0’11’33 xyrmusic – Euphoria
0’16’46 Lusine – Gravity
0’21’37 Forest Within – Drifting (Hyperbox remix)
0’27’20 Weldroid – Abandon (osch remix)
0’30’52 Seagram Murals – Butterfly Box
0’37’10 Halftribe – Chameleon (Echo Conscious remix)
0’42’03 FOANS – Object 6
0’47’40 Tulpa – Shelbie Part 2 ft Lapsley
0’51’38 Oathless – Peripheral
0’54’32 MoonRacer – Drift
0’59’20 Exist Strategy – Tomorrow Will Be Better
1’03’09 Loomeer – Serenity 1
1’14’30 Danny Clay – From The Old Book Of Eden (1)
1’18’51 Warmth Terminal – On That Day
1’33’10 Halftribe – Untitled
1’39’27 Qualia – Boreas
1’45’12 Ylowknfe – Antler
1’50’37 Fumble – Pi
1’53’44 Halftribe – Holy Ground

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DJ Nova


London-based DJ, promoter and music journalist, Massimo Terranova has been at the forefront of the ambient/electronica scene since 2000. His unique sound has won him guest appearances and residencies at some of the most prestigious music festivals, clubs, and events around the globe.

In 2003 he signed up with Ultimae Records, becoming Label DJ and International Promotion Manager, working with the likes of Solar Fields, SYNC24, Carbon Based Lifeforms, H.U.V.A. Network, Cell, and Aes Dana.


Nova’s 2013 Mix
01 Zinovia – The Blue Shade Of Dawn Covered Your Skin (Tympanic Audio)
02 Christian Löffler – Showlight (Ki)
03 Essay – 1991 (Warminal)
04 Dauwd – Shimmer (Pictures Music)
05 Moderat – Rusty Nails / Shackleton Remix (BPitch Control)
06 Obsidian Kingdom – Last Of The Light / Subheim vs Poordream Remix (White Label)
07 The Crystal Session – Hyperion / Yoop Remix (White Label)
08 Myrkur & m3t4 – Ether / June Miller Remix (F4T Music)
09 Synkro – Broken Promise (Apollo)
10 Architect – Region(Artoffact)
11 AES Dana – Riven (Ultimae)
12 Miktek – Time Or Place (Ultimae)

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Nova’s 2011 Mix
01 Rico Casazza – Ryuichi (Dub Mix)
02 Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix)
03 TKR – Drifting
04 Myrkur – Why
05 Bop – Lost In This World
06 Nils Frahm & Anne Muller – Duktus
07 HUVA Network – Something Heavens
08 Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In A Dark Room
09 Essay – Love & Air
10 Organon – Red Shift (Biodub Remix)
11 44mind – Awakening (Fingers In The Noise Remix)
12 Fingers In The Noise – Coded Dreams
13 Solar Fields – Sky Trees

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Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] has been writing and producing music since he invested in his first studio equipment in the early ’90s after being exposed to the ambient house boom of the late ’80s.

He’s a consumate producer, a reputable remixer, broadcaster and compiler with his own record label to keep him busy. He’s released two successful albums for The Big Chill, a dozen or so more on his own Lucid Recordings, and has collaborated with various composers of note, including Tom Middleton, Ulrich Schnauss, Laura B, Pete Lawrence, Another Fine Day, The Verbrilli Sound, and Pitch Black.

His latest album ‘Aural Architecture’ has just been released on Interchill and he continues his weekly radio show ‘Eclectronica’ for Chill DAB.


00.00 – 04.41 Cinematic Orchestra – And Relax!
04.41 – 07.26 Esther Williams – And I Love Him
07.26 – 12.01 Lone – Lying in the Reeds
12.01 – 15.15 Ray and his Court – De Eso Nada Monada
15.15 – 19.22 Bry Webb – Undertaker
19.22 – 22.43 David Shire – Theme from the Conversation
22.43 – 26.00 James Irwin – Halfway to Mexico
26.00 – 28.02 John tender – Flowers from Fantasyland
28.02 – 30.18 Miguel – Adorn
30.18 – 34.56 Miracle Fortress – Miscalculations
34.56 – 38.28 OG Melody – OG Realness
38.28 – 43.30 Rare Silk – Storm
43.30 – 50.00 Larry Heard – Missing You [Lucid Edit]
50.00 – 53.58 Metromony – Corinne
53.58 – end    Seahawks – Dream Riders

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à bientôt

Compulsive doodler, sometime painter and longtime lover of electronic music, Halftribe always longed to create his own music but always felt that it was out of his reach. The advent of the DAW changed everything and since then Halftribe’s creativity has been focused on music, both through his own productions and his ambient DJ sets.

Halftribe’s first DJ mix was a bit of an experiment, but was well received and provided the impetus to start making regular mixes with the music being largely unsigned. When one of these mixes was favourited on Soundcloud by Mixmaster Morris no further encouragement was needed to expand this artistic outlet.

This mix is the latest in his exclusive series for m:cast radio showcasing some of the more undiscovered talent out there.

Look out for Halftribe’s debut album, landing on Apollo Records in 2014, and a remix for Underworld’s Karl Hyde coming soon.


0’00’00 Jazzyspoon – The Great North Wet
0’04’19 Exist Strategy – Balcony
0’07’42 Aeron – The Gathering Blue Sea
0’12’20 Lights Dim – Echoes Of The Ongoing Riot
0’18’24 Undroid – Outside
0’22’18 Halftribe – Excursion 4
0’28’57 Darkhalo – All That Remains (ambient mix)
0’33’27 n0mad23 – The Joy In Little Things (ode to a daughter’s trumpet)
0’40’00 Seattle Sunset – Losing You
0’44’10 Sircle – Lay Still
0’49’24 Martin Nonstatic – Fading Trees And Clouds
0’55’23 Seagram Murals – Duckling
1’01’50 Vacant Mind – Flashes Of Memory (Timetravellers Song)
1’04’56 Quoi – Erewhon
1’10’59 Sircle – The Centre Of Yesterday
1’17’31 Digits – Do You Feel It?
1’21’00 Skywide & Izzard – Constellations
1’24’52 Lullatone – Still Feeling The Waves When You Go To Bed

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inputJunkie is the name under which John Heery writes, produces, and performs electronic, melodic, and ambient music.

He’s performed both as an artist and DJ at many events including The Big Chill, Festinho, and Concrete, while his tracks have also featured on ilabel’s acclaimed ‘Chillout Lounge’ compilations.

To accompany the gorgeous weather of late John has put together an hour of equally gorgeous tunes for our delectation…

‘Well, as we’ve actually had some decent weather the last month or so, I’ve found myself spending quite a bit of time in the park, watching clouds and listening to a full iPod of tunes. Certain tunes kept cropping up and lodging in my mind, so I’ve taken the opportunity to collate them together in a mix for you. ‘Classics’ is by no means a definitive list but hopefully you’ll find it a good companion for sunny days. Enjoy.’


Ulrich Schnauss – Shine (Mint remix)
eu – Greetings
Reload – Le Soleil et La Mer
Plaid – Host
Luscine – Twilight (Jeff Samuel remix)
Jon Hopkins – Light ThroughThe Veins (Tom Middleton Escapist Vox mix)
Boards of Canada – Sick Times
Arron Jerome – Memories
Kettel – FishFred
Orbital – Halcyon (Tom Middleton remix)

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Vital live @ FUTURE


Jeffrey Haviland has had a consistent passion for collecting and creating electronic sounds across the musical landscape for well over 15 years. Under his production name Vital, he releases mixes and singles of varying tempos as not to stay tied down to one particular sound. With releases on labels such as Harmonious Discord, Rotation Deep, 3345 Music, Connessione Recordings, and Schalldeluxe, it’s obvious that he has no intention of staying within a definable space of creativity.

For his first exclusive m:cast mix, he’s tapped into the emotive energy of his favoured “Steadfast Through The Seasons” series of chillout & downtempo mixes.

Currently, Vital and his constant studio partner Hubb are wrapping up work on their first full-length LP for Netherlands based Fokuz Recordings which will be released later this spring.


Vital & Hubb – Life Is Not A Linear Equation (intro)
Darkhalo – Breath Of The Night
DFRNT – El Spirito (Beatless Version)
Synkro – Mountains
Vital & Hubb – Tesselations
Croms – Invisible Cities
Blank & Jones – Chilled Cream
Bulb – Tenderness (Vital Edit)
Swarms – Pandora
Command Strange – The Beat Goes On
Galimatias – Borealis
Dynamic – Re-Indulge (short)
Flowhertz – Untitled Instrumental
Venture & ZiD – I Had To Walk Away
Kyson – Drains Of The Red Sea
Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing (RQ Remix)
Sleepmakeswaves – We Like You When You’re Awkward (Kyson Remix)
Lusine – Gravity
Galimatias & Joppe – Mintaka
Jill Scott – Golden (Catching Flies Remix)
Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix)
Perspective – Auditorium Design (final)
Jernalism – Temptation
Vital – Sky Harbor (outro)

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Ian Handsley (enh)

Ian Handsley lives in an old hotel in a small fishing village on Japan’s Pacific coast.

As enh he produces music characterised by the repetition of Techno, the melancholy of Ambient and the pleasant noise of Shoegaze, all influences that hark back to his teens in the late 80s/early 90s.

As a DJ he hosts his monthly KIX Mix show on Oasis Radio in Osaka, Japan, featuring his own mixes and those of guest producers and DJs.


01. Purl – Drown In Love
02. Bjorne Rjode – Intentionally Gone
03. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Aurora Boring Alias
04. Markus Guentner – Babylon
05. Moonshine Blues – We’re Going To Rise Up Above
06. Ben Woods – Stare Out In Silence
07. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway (Jon Hopkins version)
08. Vital feat. Courtney Wachtel – In A Moment (enh fireflies mix)
09. BT – Our Dark Garden
10. Markus Guentner – Harbour Facility
11. Parks – Black Day, Silver Sea
12. Orcas – Carrion
13. Stumbleine feat. Steffaloo – Fade Into You
14. Purl – Growing

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Guru Mother

DJ Rich-Ears

A welcome return to m:cast radio for DJ Rich-Ears, rounding off another busy year with an exclusive mix just in time for festive season.


01 Psychedelic Psauna Delerium Sampler – A Word From Our Sponsor
02 The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa – Sooper Kosmos (Love Stepping In Mix)
03 The Higher Intelligence Agency – Speedlearn (Reformed by The Irresistible Force)
04 Sun Electric – Afterglow
05 Praise Space Electric – Drain Your Wobbles Away
06 Hallucinogen – Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix)
07 MU Space Agency – Incontra Comminus
08 Transmuteo – Lightworkers Meditation
09 Opus III – When She Rises
10 Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson – Leave The Driving To Us
11 Bruce Haack – Encore

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Chris Coco

Chris Coco

m:cast radio welcomes Chris Coco, DJ, broadcaster, producer, and journalist.

From the heady days of acid house Chris has been instrumental in moving things forward both musically and culturally, from his productions as Coco, Steel and Lovebomb to his club nights at the Zap in Brighton, Chris was at ground zero of the dance music revolution.

The early nineties saw him take the reins as editor of seminal dance music bible DJ Magazine and saw Chris Coco the DJ find himself an altogether more chilled, experimental perspective on the tunes he played, staying true to his original Balearic vision to become one of the worlds most celebrated DJs and producers.

In 2002 Chris created The Blue Room for Radio One alongside Rob Da Bank. A two hour exploration into the deepest, experimental depths of music from around the globe, the show ran for 4 years and earned him worldwide acknowledgement from all corners of the musical spectrum.

He currently presents his weekly Melodica show on Mixcloud, which is also broadcast on Ibiza Sonica and various other stations around the world. The show has given birth to Melodica Recordings, reflecting Chris’ taste and presenting a broad range of sounds that won’t fit easily into one musical genre.

Chris is also busy in the studio, with several solo albums under his belt he’s currently producing music as the The Normalities with Steve Miller (Afterlife), as 3 Balearos with Phil Mison (Cantoma), and as City Reverb.

Melodica Records
Melodica Radio

01 Deekie – Rush (Ejeca Remix)*
02 Synkro – Recognition
03 Chris Coco – My Desire (Synkro Remix)*
04 City Reverb – Roll On (Henry Oakley Remix)*
05 Holy Other – Love Some 1
06 Shadow Child & Hoax – Border Town (Gacha Remix)
07 Chris Coco – Love Your Afro (Skintologists Remix)*
08 Adrian Sherwood – UR Sound (Float Beyond Fear Mix)
09 City Reverb – City Of Lights (Lulu Rouge Remix)*
10 Indigo – Keerthana
11 Skintologists – Downstairs Dubbing (Architeq Remix)*
12 Versa & Rowl – Theory Of One
14 Letherette – Surface
15 Deekie – Rush (Joel Hood Remix)*

*From the ‘Come In We’re Melodica’ compilation released this month on Melodica Recordings

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A welcome return to m:cast radio for Animat with an exclusive DJ mix which draws heavily on their new soundtrack to John Carpenter’s Dark Star, and features tracks from the recently released EP ‘Stargazing’, as well as a couple of exclusive remixes and some of their current favourite listening from other artists and producers.


Novi sings Chopin – Prelude in E minor
Existance – Miles Apart (Concepts)
Dollboy – In Silence (Animat remix)
Animat – Thermostellar (live mix)
The Third Half – Molly (Animat remix)
Animat – Goldfish Girl (Chang remix)
Soulsonic – Dream of Summer
DF Tram & Future BC – Rue de Muzique (Animat remix)
SoftClip – Something a Bee Told Me
Animat – Target Practice
Swarms – Flikr of Ur Eyes
Animat – Scintilla Strings
The Ting Tings – In Your Life
Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me
D-day One – Seeds of Revolution (Long Arm remix)
Long Arm – The Waterfall Inside Me
Two Spot Gobi – Guiding Star (Digi Dub version)
Easy Star All Stars – First Light (Dubmatix remix)
Animat – Video Dub
Zwicker – Make It Happen (feat.Heidi Happy)
Animat – Deep Space Megamix
Pavel Dovgal – Faust

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Funky Jeff

Funky Jeff hails from Quebec City, Canada. A music junkie, record collector, DJ, and radio host, he’s spent countless hours searching out musical gems since the early 90s. With a particular liking for all things ambient, dub, downtempo, and electronica, and with over a dozen mixes released over the past year he’s a busy man, so when he offered us an exclusive we couldn’t say no!


01 Tor.ma in Dub : Lucid Dream
02 Vangelis : Main Titles
03 Baumann Electronics : Pista 3
04 Oneothrix Point Never : Ships Without Meaning
05 Biosphere : The Seal and the Hydrophone
06 Royksopp : A Long, Long Way
07 Ulrich Schnauss : Knuddelmaus
08 Boards of Canada : Happy Cycling
09 Mick Chillage : Dreaming Cities
11 Black Dog Productions : Pillars & Mirrors
12 Galerie Stratique : Frozen Lakes
13 Soulsonic : On Cover
14 Massive attack : Butterfly Caught
15 Fingers in the Noise featuring Genoveva : System
16 BvDub : Nothing You Can Say
17 Synkro : Presence
18 Asa & Koan Sound : Keneda (Stumbleine remix)
19 Biosphere : Bird Watching

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DJ Rich-Ears

‘Ambient’ is one of those genres which has produced both works of genius, and absolute rubbish… and DJs who play it can often fall foul of confusing the latter with the former.

Here, thankfully, the 15 years experience of DJ Rich Ears shows up well, and he has produced a mix where the quality starts high and stays that way throughout. While it features undisputed masters such as Eno, Yokota, and The Black Dog, lesser known but also excellent artists such as David Bickley and Matthew Florianz are also included, and he’s not afraid to delve into areas more thought of as ‘modern classical’ either, with the piano of Olafur Arnalds appearing among the synths.

The traditional role of ambient music is that it should ‘colour the space’, not dominate the mind with thudding beats, and this mix performs that role with considerable skill, allowing the listener either to concentrate on musical detail, or stay detached, floating free. Some sharper contrasts are found though, Florianz’s humming spaces coming immediately after Tobin’s icily robotic ‘Isam’, so it’s not all floating fluffiness, by any means.

The best ambient always keeps its feet on the ground and offers real musical depth as well as a shiny surface. This well chosen mix for m:cast radio achieves that with ease, showing the genre’s best artists in top form, and is beautifully crafted by a man who really knows how to do it, a rare pleasure…


01 The Black Dog – M1
02 Helios – First Dream Called Ocean
03 Olafur Arnalds – This Place Is A Shelter
04 David Bickley – Song Of The Sea
05 Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Reblazhenstva
06 A Man Called Adam – Part of Me Which Links
07 Stateless – Red Sea
08 Jono McCleery – The Gymnopedist
09 Matthewdavid – Epic Swan
10 Susuma Yokota – Skys
11 Amon Tobin – Journeyman
12 Matthew Florianz – Fluister
13 The Black Dog – Lounge
14 Tim Hecker – Sketch 7
15 Tom Middleton – Enchanting
16 Matthew Florianz – Gloed
17 A Man Called Adam – Cosa Nova
18 Brian Eno – As If Your Eyes Were Partly Closed
19 Kid Koala – Hope (page 115)
20 Johann Johannsson – The Great God Pan Is Dead
21 Brian Eno – Dreambirds
22 Another Fine Day – Indian Summer
23 Daniel Pemberton – Interlude

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Words: Tom Green (aka Another Fine Day) – anotherfineday.co.uk
Artwork: Jep Guesta – baumann-electronics.posterous.com



Animat is a collaboration between Mark Daly and Michael Harding (The Only Michael) with the voices of Sanchita Farruque, Lisa Palmer, Anne Garner and others.

They’ve been making music together since 2004, a partnership growing out of their work together as DJs in Sheffield’s Sundaze collective. They’ve released two albums on the Big Chill Label, five self-released EPs, and had tracks released on EPs and compilations by Big Chill, One World, Dubmission and Bloodsugar Records. They’ve also developed a unique series of live DJ soundtracks which they’ve performed at festivals, cinemas and other events around the UK .

Their second full-length album ‘Imagining Ghosts’ is out now on the Big Chill Label.

photo by Kate Bradley

01 Animat – A Promise of Snow (Album Mix)
02 Field Rotation – Acoustic Tale No.4
03 Animat – Wood For The Trees
04 Biotron Shelf – The King’s Horses
05 Animat – Deep Space Lament (Mistrust Remix)
06 Sigmafly – Waking Dream
07 Animat – Zeroes And Ones (Pioneer Species Mix)
08 The Beaufort Scale – Raytripper (Irresistible Force Trip)
09 Animat – Earplay (The Only Michael’s Ambient Mix)
10 Telefuzz – Beam Us Down Another Prophet
11 Sanchita Farruque – Simple Things (Animat Mix)



Mick Chillage

Mick Chillage has been producing various strains of electronica since 1996. As one half of Dublin based radio DJs ‘The Chillage Idiots’ he’s been playing a wide range of electronic music on Dublins XFM for the past 15 years.

His influences are wide ranging from John Barry to Kraftwerk to Eno to Larry Heard & beyond. His focus is mainly on atmosphere, melody, and emotion and he prefers to create all this from scratch rather than sampling someone else’s work.

So far Mick has released material on Herb, This Side Music, Nice &nd Nasty, DXR, Static, Unnamed, Red Robot, and Psychonavigation Records. Look out for new material on Psychonavigation’s Mindfield compilation due in July, alongside the likes of David Morley, FSOL, and Move D, aswell as Mick’s latest album ‘FAXology’, just released on Pete Namlook’s legendary Fax Recordings.


01 David Morley “Subterranean” [Apollo]
02 The Black Dog “Terminal EMA” [Soma]
03 Tetsu Inoue “Inter Link” [Infracom]
04 Deathprod “Tron” [Rune Grammafon]
05 Radio Scot Void “I Love Special K” [Mick Chillage’s Black Hole Mix]
[free download from radioscotvoid.bandcamp.com]
06 Secret Cinema & Mental Youth “Separating” [Gem records]
07 Kettel “Four Eyes At A Gate” [U-cover]
08 Bvdub “No One Will Find You Here” [Glacial Movements]
09 Sage Taylor “Rain time Part Nine” [Pronounce]
10 Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd ” The Names Of Those Never Here [Darla]




Dialog> is the alias of London based producer Andy Smith. His productions fuse a cinematic, movie soundtrack style with deep-tech and downtempo electronic beats.

Dialog> started life as a collaboration with Alan Platten. Both veterans of the 90s electronic music scene they co-produced their debut album ‘Music For Imaginary Movies’ in 2006.

Andy now produces alone and released his second album ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ in 2009. Since then there have been Dialog> remixes for Gel-Sol, Animat, and The Beaufort Scale, and live performances for the likes of Planet Angel, Purple Radio, and Ambiosonic.


Honeyroot – Losing my Mind
The Beaufort Scale – Daytripper (Irrisistible Force Mix)
Alucidnation – Summer 97
AGK – Moonboots (landing edit)
Jakatta – Feeling Blue
Alucidnation – Solitaire
Honeyroot – Sweet as Honey
Tripswitch –  Goldbach’s Conjuncture
OTT – Smoked Glass and Chrome
Jakatta – The Other World



DJ Rich-Ears

Amsterdam’s DJ Rich-Ears has been DJing, producing, and broadcasting electronic music for over 15 years.

2010 was his busiest year to date with a new mix released almost every other week for the likes of The New Worck, A Strangely Isolated Place, Solid Steel, Amon Tobin, and his ongoing Perfect Records series.

2011 looks set to be just as busy, so when he offered us an exclusive mix we jumped at the chance.


Featuring tracks by Domu, Ulrich Schnauss, Dido, Cybophonia, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and others…



Andy Green

Andy Green has been collecting electronic music for nearly 30 years, experiencing an amazing diversity of sounds that he attempts to distill into his mixes, whilst also trying to convey the huge personal and introspective rewards he gains from enjoying such music. Never focusing on one particular genre he endeavours to capture a mood from a melting pot of sounds and other sources.

Feeling that collectors and listeners of electronic music are largely misunderstood he takes great satisfaction in sharing his passion, whilst with the right music in the right context, challenging the misconceptions others may have.

In 2007 Andy launched Verdant Recordings as an output for his ambient recordings and mixes. 2011 will see the release of Verdant’s first studio productions by ‘ecoutez’, many years in the making, but lovingly crafted analogue, ambient and experimental music.


Shed – The Travellor
Jeff Mills – Eve & Crab Nebulla
Dave Angel – Coming On…
Air Liquide – Auroral Wave
Sun Electric – Uschba
Ismistik – Absence
Chapterhouse (Reshaped by Global Communication) – Beta Phase
Rod Modell & Michael Mantra – Arecibo (Sleeping Under The Big Dish)
Fuse – Into The Space
Sons of the Dragon – Motor City Matrix (edit)
Donato Dozzy – Untitled
Thomas Fehlmann – Speeding
TVO – Silver on the Tree



The Black Dog

Originally founded in the late 1980s and regarded as one of the most influential and pioneering figures in the Electronica scene, The Black Dog are synonymous with the rise of electronic music in the UK.

After early releases on General Production Recordings, their first full-length album ‘Bytes’ was released on Warp in March 1993. A further 12 albums have followed, aswell as numerous EPs and remixes which extend from Bjork to reworking the soundtrack of the classic Steve McQueen film ‘Bullitt’.

In 2001 founding member Keith Downie teamed up with Richard and Martin Dust, owners of Dust Science Recordings, a lineup which continues today. Their sound is diverse and constantly evolving, with their latest album ‘Music For Real Airports’ being described by them as “a contemporary reply to Brian Eno’s work from the 70s’.


01. Lustmord & Robert Rich – Elemental Trigger – Fathom
02. The Black Dog & Sean Bean – Drumhead – Dust Science
03. Jacaszek – Rytm to nie˛miertelnio˛æ I – Miasmah
04. Brian Eno & Harold Budd – The Plateaux of Mirror – Polydor
05. Labradford – I – Kranky
06. The Black Dog – Wait Behind This Line – Soma
07. Autechre –  Yulquen – Warp
08. MLO – Aqua – Plus 8 Records
09. FUSE – Carocell – Plus 8 Records
10. Scanner – PuccScan – DS93
11. Throbbing Gristle – Weeping – Industrial Records
12. Beaumont Hannant – Water & Space – GPR
13. The Black Dog – Witches Ov (Beatless Version) – Dust Science



Sounds From The Ground

Sounds From The Ground a.k.a. Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones, emerged from the burgeoning underground ambient dub scene of the early 90’s. Both were involved with label management and promoting underground parties when they were introduced by a mutual friend and Sounds From The Ground was born.

Over the past 15 years they have released 8 albums, performed around the globe at events such as The Big Chill and Glastonbury, and collaborated with a number of other artists such as Dillinger, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), B.J. Cole, and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Having just released a remastered version of their 1996 debut album ‘Kin’, their next longplayer is due for release later this year.


Elliot’s 2010 Mix
Woob – Pondlife
Alien Progeny – Sadhana
Neotropic – Neotropic
Mere Mortals – Et Cetera
Sound – Emerald
Biogen – Afloat
Grantby – The Jonah
Pitch Black – Speech (mix)
Atomix Avenue – Spacebar


Nick’s 2006 Mix
Sounds from the Ground – White City
William Orbit – You Know Too Much
Sounds from the Ground – Beautiful Feeling
Paul Hartnoll – Patchwork Guilt
Xpress2 – The Answer
Boozoo Bajou – Night Over Manaus
Sounds from the Ground – Modo
Nick Woolfson – Sleepless
Telefuzz – Chariots For Hire
Sounds from the Ground – Speedbumps (DJ Olive Remix)
Hotchip – Over & Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Mock & Toof – Right On
Nick Woolfson – Olive Branch




inputJunkie is the name under which John Heery writes, produces, and performs electronic, melodic, and ambient music. Having already released three albums of his own material, he’s gearing up for his forth longplayer ‘Further Studies’.

iJ has performed both as an artist and DJ at many events including The Big Chill, Festinho, and Concrete, and continues his monthly Fluidnation residency alongside Ben Mynott, Mr Tom, and Raz. His tracks have also featured on ilabel’s acclaimed ‘Chillout Lounge’ compilations.


Fenomenom – The B Minor Suite
Telefon Tel Aviv – The Birds
Unknown – Improvisation 307
Johann Johannsson – Odi Et Amo
Evan Bluetech – Abandon All Cities
Easy Star All Stars – She’s Leaving Home
Mint – Aquarius
Imogen Heap – Little Bird (Royal Sapiens Remix)
Johann Johannsson – Ég Heyrði Allt Án þess Að Hlusta
inputJunkie – Headwaltz
School of Seven Bells – Face To Face On High Places
Chew Lips – Slick
Digitonal – Nothing Left To Say (Echaskech Remix)
Coldcut/Fog – A Whistle And A Prayer
Fragile State – Hoop Dreams (inputJunkie’s Systemstate Remix)
James Blake – CMYK
Daniel Blomqvist – Kebab Dreams
A Guy Called Gerald – The First Breath
Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake
Chew Lips – Piano Song



Dr Atmo

Dr Atmo grew up in Frankfurt during the early 80s. While training to be an architect he could be found designing Frankfurt’s legendary Omen and XS clubs. Influenced by the likes of Atom Heart, Farian, Günther Mende, and Snap, it wasn’t long before he was producing music himself, and co-producing with the likes of Ramin and Pete Namlook. Over the past 15 years he has worked on over 40 albums with some 30 different artists. His latest project is the 9 piece band Atmo and the Lightz.

IF (Intergalactic Federation) was a brief side project between Atmo and Deep Space Network’s Move D and Jonas Grossmann, releasing two albums on Namlook’s Fax label during 1994. Like all Fax releases the albums were limited to 500 and 1000 copies respectively, and are now highly collectible.

In this exclusive mix for m:cast radio Atmo takes us on an intergalactic voyage back to 1994…


IF – Caravan
IF – Dub 2
IF – Dub 1
IF – Kisy Loa
IF – Underwater
IF – Ten Waves
IF – Jadd
IF – Intergalactic Funk

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Lady Eve

From classical beginnings as an oboist to creator of the global Pan Ambient events, Lady Eve’s influences span the spectrum from The Orb, Ninja Tune, Black Dog/Plaid, to the Phunkateck crew, Ohm Resistance, and T Power. “I love music that touches the soul and engages the mind.”

Behind the decks Lady Eve plays with the opposite ends of the musical spectrum, creating a chill out vibe at lounges and ambient spaces, and sonic mayhem with darker drum and bass, minimal techno, and dirty electro. Moving into the studio, she performs her oboe alongside Vancouver’s Gunshae, London’s HFB, Japan’s Hataken, and many other producers around the world. Her solo productions have been featured on the Pan Ambient Bento compliation CD, as well as releases on TKG Music.


HFB – Broken Fifth Harmony
Verbrilli Sound – Naiads
I Am Not a Gun – Unseen Moment
Two Lone Swordsmen – Spin Bubbles
The Orb – Lost and Found
HFB – 65000
Hataken – Quest with Goddess (feat. LadyEve)
Arovane – Lillies
Mu Tanz – Falling in Love Again
Arovane – Ambelio
Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr. – Shibuya
LadyEve – Meiji Sunbeams
Global Communication – Amor Real (Jon Anderson rmx)
Olive – Not Alone (Synamatix rmx)
Gunshae – Sound Washed Ashore (Tokyo edit)
Trentmoeller – Miss You
Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Better Day
Hataken – Mysterious Islands
Bjork – Hyperballad (rmx)
KLF – Madrugada Eterna
Dream Academy – Please please let me get what I want






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